Alex Hern: Accomplished Entrepreneur and Dedicated Dad

Alex Hern has been an entrepreneur for a long time, more than a decade and a half. During his time he has seen a lot of success but is not afraid of failure. Alex Hern knows that success can always be lost, it’s not always a finality. The same goes for failure, it can almost always come back from. It’s important to be courageous enough to keep fighting through it.

Failure has affected Alex Hern due to the complexities of macroeconomics. Fortunately, he has learned that it is important to prepare himself and his business for the worst case scenario. Despite doing everything one can to prevent failure, it can still happen and it is important to accept that.

Currently, the co-founder and director of Tsunami is looking for new ways that technology can advance communication. Technology is advancing when it comes to the graphics that computers are capable of producing and processing. This is changing the way that businesses can communicate with each other. Alex Hern is always on the lookout for new ways to apply these advances in his business.

Alex Hern doesn’t believe in multi-tasking, at least when it comes to humans. It’s just not very productive and can lead to frustration and inability to focus. Instead, he will devote hours each day to one particular issue that needs to be addressed and put aside the others until it is complete.

Alex Hern is busy with duties at Tsunami, but that doesn’t mean that he doesn’t take time for his family. Recently, Alex Hern gave his daughter $100 so she could start her very own business. She is now the proud CEO of her own company, a dog walking business. For Alex Hern, it was the best $100 he’s spent to watch his daughter share the entrepreneurial spirit.

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