Launchpad Holdings CEO Glen Wakeman Takes Start Up Businesses To New Heights

Glen Wakeman is a multifaceted businessman with a penchant for forward thinking ideas. His latest venture is Launchpad Holdings LLC. Glen is the CEO and co-founder of Launchpad Holdings, a software development company for entrepreneurs. The company, founded in 2015 with Rick Cano, offers businesspersons a system to organize their start up plans from the get go. Launchpad Holdings provides a clear path to follow and takes the guess work out of new ventures. Glen Wakeman’s years of experience as a successful entrepreneur, investor, writer and leader allows him to take young businesses to new heights and provide them with a strong foundation from which to build on. Launchpad Holdings speaks for itself; the company has raised millions in new venture capital money and is an expert in market transactions.


Glen Wakeman started his career in business after attaining a degree in Economics and Finance from the University of Scranton where he was active in student government, sports and drama. He went on to complete his graduate work in Finance at the University of Chicago. Glen began working for GE Capital, eventually becoming the CEO of the Latin American Division responsible for regional management, operations, technology and business development. His work with GE Capital spans more than 20 years. Additionally, Glen Wakeman is a Principal at Nova Four.


Beyond Glen’s work with Launchpad Holdings he is also a popular blogger, with articles written for businesspeople who are looking for ways to streamline or restructure their businesses. He draws from his experiences living in six different countries and applies his knowledge to business models, formulating diverse approaches to communications and strategies. Glen Wakeman is an investor and mentor, and has been a business adviser to Dreamfunded and Sitter Bees.

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The Vintner of UKV PLC is One That Anyone Should Feel Confident of Investing In

     UKV PLC is a company that’s decided to proceed with taking steps that are going to make investing in their products a recommended course of action for any enthusiast of wine products to take. If you’re not fully aware of what is separating UKV PLC from many of the other brands that are offering similar products in its respective industry, then it’s highly recommended for you to proceed with reading about the details that are going to be provided for you here.

UKV PLC isn’t your ordinary type of wine producing company because it’s decided that they’ll be going things a bit differently from the way they’ve done things before. Not only have they decided to make some necessary changes in their own manufacturing processes, they’re also a vintner that’s decided to place a significant amount of importance in their processes of researching and development. Research and development is an extremely important process of manufacturing any product. In this case, UKV PLC has decided to maintain a stance of being innovative in their manufacturing stages.

The innovative aspect of UKC PLC comes from them being proactive in their fermentation processes. Today’s innovative processes of wine making consists of utilizing certain types of equipment to speed up the fermentation process, while ensuring the final product is just as good as it would have been has it undergone a traditional method of fermentation. Fermentation is what a vintner has their products undergo to have the sugar contents of the fruits that they’re deciding to contain in their final product to have their sugars converted into the amounts of alcohol that they have decided to have in their products in the final stages. If any wine product in particular does not undergo a full process of fermentation, it’s likely there won’t be enough alcohol in its final stages. Also, it’s likely the taste won’t be what it was meant to be.

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Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Gives Variety to People of All Sizes

Not everyone gets to experience the great diversity that is in fashion. Fashion is known to leave a few people out. Among the people are men, especially the big and tall, and plus sized women. It is the group of smaller and average sized people that get to enjoy all of the fun that comes with fashion. Fortunately, there are efforts to change that with Fabletics being an all inclusive brand. This means more people get to explore what fashion has to offer them. It’s one thing to have to deal with the shame of being larger, but to also be left out of most of the trends because of size can add another layer of pain and frustration.


Fabletics is doing everything it can to put an end to the days where larger people can do nothing more than to stare at the trendy items because they don’t come in their sizes. Another common occurrence is the fight against envy as these people get to watch other smaller women enjoy these trends. One of the major problems with the old approach to fashion is that a large demographic is alienated. Larger women also have money to spend on fashion.


Fortunately with Fabletics, women have a much better opportunity to take advantage of. People of all sizes get to show off their sense of style with Fabletics. They get to enjoy all of the different cuts, colors and fits. They will also get to be the center of attention because of the styles they have put together. The best part of this is that they get to feel good about themselves and their sense of style.


Larger women have been given long due attention. Now, it is getting to the point where designers for men’s fashion are going to have to step it up because there are new items that are making their appearance. This is especially a good time to be involved in men’s fashion because a lot of changes are occurring in the dynamics as men are taking an interest in what is available for them and some retailers are offering new designs.

Success Academy Prepares Students to Reach Excellence with Supportive Teachers

With the exceptional test scores by the students of Success Academy, it is abundantly clear that the charter school has built a consensus among students to reach higher. The strong test scores give a firm indication that students and parents are committed to their education. In 2016, Success Academy students ranked in the top five highest achieving test scores in English, mathematics and science.


The leadership for the New York based charter network has placed a great emphasis on teachers aligning with their students in an environment that focuses on one to one connections. Teachers facilitate the lessons in a more personal environment that builds the students strengths and abilities, which creates self-awareness and higher self-esteem. Students are motivated and confident in their abilities to learn as well as achieve great accomplishments in their education.


Success Academy has gone to great lengths for instilling the desire within students to study their lessons and taking ownership for their education. Each student has their teacher’s guidance for support, and the students are encouraged to have fun while learning. The environment within the halls of each charter school is filled with students that not only want to learn, but who also take it upon themselves to lift other students by offering support of each other. Success Academy students interact in an environment that is a joyful place to learn and meeting their individual goals for achieving excellence.


The efforts of Success Academy were noticed by 17,000 applicants this year that went through the charter network process hoping to become a student. Each year in April, Success Academy holds a lottery pool for qualified applicants. Each year the parents of those students are excited for the opportunity for their children to receive the type of learning which Success Academy exemplifies to students.


Success Academy has put forth a solid model for students to learn and equip themselves with the skills necessary for leveraging their knowledge. The teachers and leadership of Success Academy continue to create a vibrant environment and learning opportunity to prepare children to succeed in their future. Success Academy remains as the highest-performing school throughout New York.

The Reemergence Of George Soros Comes After Ferguson Protest Funding

The reemergence of George Soros as a major political donor for the left leaning Democratic Party in the U.S. has been detailed by Politico, but his 2015 and 2016 return to Presidential election campaigning has come at a time when his donations to major not for profit groups who have made an impact on the consciousness of the American people during the Ferguson protests of 2014. The Washington Times explains a number of groups backed by George Soros have played an integral role in the development of the “Black Lives Matter” movement that became important following the shooting of African American Michael Brown by a police officer in Ferguson, Missouri; groups backed by the funds of George Soros came together in Ferguson to help organize the protests and educate protesters on their rights when the protests became important to all civil rights leaders across the U.S. Know more on about George Soros.

For the protesters in Ferguson the name George Soros may not have seemed important to the fight they were undertaking against what was seen as the latest piece of police brutality in the U.S. More high profile figures may face the media and take the praise for becoming organizers of the Ferguson protests, but in reality the $33 million provided annually to various human rights protecting groups by George Soros became a major part of the work completed by Ferguson protesters during the 2014 zenith of the protest groups. The Ferguson protests have highlighted the way George Soros hopes his Open Society Foundations group of charitable networks will work in the future as they have transcended almost every aspect of the human rights activism community in the last few years; the aim of the Open Society Foundations has always been to combine research, policy, and direct action as was seen in Ferguson with the organizing of protesters by Soros backed groups on a regular basis that turned a 24 hour protest into one that lasted for weeks.

The work completed by George Soros backed groups in Ferguson seems to have had a major effect on the 86 year old Hungarian born investment specialist who has long found it difficult to feel comfortable providing major funding for political parties and candidates; however, Soros has been a major source of funding in the 2016 election campaign for Democrat Hillary Clinton and has vowed to continue his fight against the Republican Trump Administration in 2017 and into the 2018 midterm election cycle. Politico reports Soros met with the powerful Democracy Alliance group of wealthy Democrat donors who agreed policy details that would allow new ways of bringing left leaning candidates to power across local, state, and national elections in the coming years.

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Marc Sparks on Fire

Who Is This Guy?Here

Marc Sparks is a top American businessman and entrepreneur as well as a solid venture capitalist. He resides in Dallas and maintains numerous portfolio companies ( He’s also the owner of Timber Creek Capital.Career Life Sparks has both successfully owned and operated his own series of businesses. He’s heavily involved within the telecommunication industry and has also worked with Splash Media, Cardinal Telecom and Blue Jay Wireless. He has even worked in real estate, venture investments and business solutions.Philanthropic Endeavors Sparks is heavily involved with multiple philanthropy organizations in Dallas. He has previously been involved with the Samaritan Inn – a reputable homeless shelter – since the ’80s and finds it rewarding to give to his community. He has also built many homes through Habitat for Humanity and he is an avid supporter of the American Can Academy for High Schoolers in Dallas.Work Life Sparks currently writes a book to prove that anybody can become a success in business. His book is titled “They Can’t Eat You” and marks his personal life as he traced his path to success. He now seeks to inspire others through his story: He began as a C+ student and eventually became a successful entrepreneur.Timber Creek Capital – A Brief Introduction Timber Creek Capital, LP – a private equity firm that specializes in turning passionate entrepreneurial dreams to successes – offers quality revenue-generating products and services. Within the Dallas office, Timber Creek Capital offers the needed capital, office space and equipment, legal stability, web development expertise, accounting knowledge, graphic arts skill, customer service expertise, intellectual capital, banking experts, merchant solutions, marketing, networking, and well-trained support staff – with more than 37 years of experience – to navigate any business from start to finish. More importantly, employees have fun doing it.Even More About Marc to Whet All Appetites Marc Sparks is often considered the entrepreneurs’ entrepreneur. If you seek the dictionary’s “serial entrepreneur” entry, you’ll likely see Marc’s picture. Ever since he graduated high school in 1975, he has faithfully led multiple startup initiatives. After 34 years of entrepreneurial dedication, he has finally put the journey on paper so that others might learn from his story. Sparks also notes that God gives us all challenges and even devastating circumstances so that we understand the responsibilities of success and stay humble. The only reason that a C+, kid like him could build and sell millions self-made products and companies is by the grace of God. He had no formal training to do the things that he now does but was born with a calling.Learn more :


Lifeline Screening Is A Lifeboat For Health

Lifeline Screening is a company that offers stand-alone medical screening at discounted pricing for individuals and employees. The tests are those who can uncover medical problems that an individual may not be aware of, but when found can be remedied by alerting the individual and his or her doctor.

The equipment that is used for the screenings is found in hospitals and testing facilities, but not normally in doctor’s offices. For the many people who seldom go to the doctor, even for checkups, the screenings are very important as they can uncover health problems that an individual may not know even exist.

There are three kinds of Life Line Screening tests, the first being ultrasound. This is a similar test that is akin to what a pregnant mother would have done to determine whether she is going to have a boy or a girl. Sound waves are directed at the body which then shows on the screen the internal organs in a real-life view. With this test, it can be seen if arteries are clogged, and the bone density can be checked which is an indicator for osteoporosis.

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The second test is a finger-stick blood sample where a few drops are obtained by a prick on the fatty part of a finger. With this small amount of blood, a full lipid blood panel can be obtained that checks the cholesterol levels, both HDL and LDL, the good and bad cholesterol. Glucose levels are also obtained which serves to monitor if a person is diabetic. Certain proteins are monitored to see if there is any possibility of heart disease or cardiac issues and liver enzyme levels are checked to see if there is any liver disease.

The third screening is a limited electrocardiograph which primarily checks for atrial fibrillation or an irregular heartbeat. This is also called A-Fib, and it can be dangerous because when people have A-Fib blood clots tend to be formed, which cause strokes. This is information that an individual’s doctor needs to know right away.

All of these Life Line Screening are very non-invasive and are very easy to perform. The information derived from these tests tell a lot about an individual’s health and can be readily shared with the physician of the individual. These types of tests are vital for individuals who rarely see a doctor because many diseases give very little if any warning at all to a person.

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A Look At How Helane Morrison Rose To The Top Of The Financial World

Helane Morrison has spent her career in journalism and the financial world as both an investor and as an enforcer. She is a graduate of Northwestern University where she earned her Bachelor of Science degree in journalism. She then attended the University of California, Berkeley, School Of law where she graduated with her J.D.

While attending law school, Helane joined the California Law Review where she worked as the editor-in-chief. After passing the state bar she worked for a judge in the Seventh District US Court of Appeals as well as working as a law clerk at the Supreme Court for Justice Harry Blackmun. After leaving the Supreme Court, she became an attorney at the prestigious law firm Howard, Rice, Nemerovski, Canaday, Falk & Rabkin. While working at this law firm for ten years she specialized in business litigations and private securities actions as well as matters involving the Securities and Exchange Commission.

In 1999, Helane Morrison was appointed as the head of the SEC’s San Francisco office. Her jurisdiction encompassed 5 states plus Northern California. While serving at the SEC until 2007, she was involved in a large number of significant cases where advisors defrauded retirees or veterans, lied to investors, and all types of financial malfeasance that the SEC investigates. She uncovered large amounts of corruption during her time at the SEC and, as a top official, Helane Morrison had worked to develop a financial system that was more fair and ethical for regular people.

In 2007 she decided to leave the SEC and she joined Hall Capital Partners, LLC, one of the most successful investing companies in the state of California. One of the things that interested her the most about Hall Capital Partners is that is completely managed by women. There are far more men than women leading financial firms, something that she noted during her time at the SEC. She decided to do her part to make a difference in the status quo by joining Hall Capital Partners herself, bringing her vast experience and knowledge of the financial industry with her. She serves as the company’s General Counsel, Chief Compliance Officer, and Managing Director.

Hall Capital Partners manages over $24 billion in assets under management. Their clients include some of the biggest names in the technology and pharmaceutical industries. Helane Morrison has been as successful at Hall Capital Partners as she was at leading the team at the SEC.


As a New Education Secretary, Betsy DeVos Expected to Push Her Educations Reforms Agenda Forward

Betsy DeVos is one of the leading advocates for education reforms. Notably, she has been in the forefront pushing for school choice and the voucher system that will enable underserved children attend private schools with funding from the government. A renowned philanthropist and Republican activist, Betsy DeVos serves as the 11th secretary of education in Trump’s administration. Probably, this position is likely to give the accomplished businesswoman an upper hand to push her education reform agenda forward.

The blood of philanthropy and activism flows in Betsy’s veins; her father, Edgar Prince, founded Family Research Council while her brother was the brainchild of Blackwater USA. She attended Calvin College, graduating with a degree in business economics and a BA in Political Science. Betsy has had a successful career life in business, politics and activism. She launched her career in 1976 by acting as a volunteer for President Gerald R. Ford. For over three decades, Mrs. DeVos has largely been involved in various political activities. She was the chairperson of the Michigan Republican Party for over six years where she steered various party activities ranging from campaigns and organizations to action committees. She was also a vital member of the Republican National Committee from 1992-1998. Check this related article from

Prior to assuming her current position as the secretary for education, Betsy DeVos was in the business scene as the Chairman of The Windquest Group, a firm she founded in 1989 along with her husband, Dick DeVos. Her husband was a one-time Republican nominee for Governor of Michigan who formerly served as the CEO of the Orlando Magic NBA franchise and Amway. Their private firm focuses on investing in green energy, technology and manufacturing. DeVos is a former board chairperson of Acton Institute and Alliance for School Choice. She has had unwavering support as an advocate of the Detroit charter school system as well as a member of the board of the Foundation for Excellence in Education. In addition to sitting in the boards of DeVos Institute for Arts Management, American Enterprise Institute and ArtPrize, Betsy has also chaired boards of The Philanthropy Roundtable and American Federation for Children.

Betsy and her husband are the founders of the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation. Formed in 1989, the organization serves as a channel for distributing their charity giving. The foundation’s areas of interest include education, arts, community, leadership and justice. In 2015 alone, the DeVos family donated $11.6 million to charity, making the family to be ranked among the top American donors by Forbes. The foundation has donated huge sums of money towards health research, hospitals and Christian missions among others. The beneficiaries include West Michigan Aviation Academy, ArtPrize, Helen DeVos Children’s Pediatric Program and American Federation for Children.

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George Soros Is Changing The World Through His Charity Foundation

Money is often looked upon as being the root of all evil. However, George Soros has a different viewpoint on this age-old adage. George wants to use money to change the world for the better. When George was young, he realized that money was the only reason that he was alive. George was born Jewish, and in the 1930’s his father was watching the Olympics. That day was different than other times that the Olympics were held because Adolf Hitler was responsible for the opening ceremony. This caused a great fright to well up within George’s father. His father used his money from his career as an attorney to purchase paperwork falsifying that George and his family were Christians. Learn more about George at

His father felt that this may not be enough to protect his family, so he also set out to change their surname from the Jewish name of Schwartz to a new name, Soros. It springs from an Esperanto word that essentially means “to soar.” That’s exactly what George Soros has accomplished with his life; he has soared. He rose above the evils of the Nazi invaders and when Hitler was defeated, George left his homeland of Hungary for a better life in London. He applied himself diligently to studying economics and philosophy while enrolled at the London School of Economics. Karl Popper’s teachings were part of his philosophy coursework, and Karl’s belief was that the world could be changed for the betterment of all people, if only the people could be made to be free from unwanted, unjust persecution, and for society to be made open to where education could be available for all.

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George graduated with a Master’s in those subjects and used his knowledge to become employed at a brokerage. He learned how to trade security ventures for great profit, and then used his assets to move out of London to New York. It was not long before George became a US citizen and earned even more capital working on Wall Street. This capital was used to start his own companies, one of which was a charity named after Karl Popper’s idea. He named it the Open Society Foundation. George uses his foundation to try and bring Karl Popper’s dream into fruition. He funds the education of the poor so that they can achieve academic success, leading into finding employment to take care of themselves, and no longer being destitute. He funds those who are sick, so that they can be made well, by granting access to proper health care. He also funds lawyers who can’t be afforded by the poor, so that they can be set free from unjust incarceration.

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