Roberto Santiago Is A Successful Entrepreneur In Brazil

For all those in Brazil who are looking for a wonderful place to do shopping, there is the Manaira Mall. It is already considered as being among the leading shopping malls in Brazil. It is already the largest shopping mall in the state of Paraiba. It has been made by Roberto Santiago who is among the most successful entrepreneurs in Brazil. It was made in the year 1989 and has been growing bigger since. It is servings thousands of residents of Jao Pessoa today. This is because the mall is offering excellent service to its customers. This has played a major role in its growth and other expansion plans.

There is more on offer here than just shopping. There is a lot of fun for people to get entertained. This mall has a big space that is reserved for Movie Theater. Besides, there are ballrooms, bowling alleys as well as electronic and amusement park among a lot of other things. Roberto Santiago has added all these features to this shopping mall in order to ensure that people visit the mall for many other purposes in addition to shopping.

This is why families are visiting the mall regularly for doing shopping and having a lot of fun. The workers at this mall have been trained to treat the visitors with respect. This has highly impacted the number of visitors to this mall every day. Read more on

Manaira Mall is one of the biggest as well as exclusive privately owned malls in Brazil today. One of the most outstanding features of this mall is the cinema theater. 11 rooms have been set aside for providing movie entertainment. All these rooms are equipped with modern theater features as well as equipment. Inside the mall you will find a bar that is offering drinks, candies, as well as popcorns to all the movie fanatics. There is a gym in the mall for those people who love to work out. Manaira Mall is one of the most exclusive shopping malls in the country today besides being the best in the region.

Roberto Santiago is an entrepreneur based in Brazil. He is 58 years old. He owns one of the most exclusive shopping malls in Joao Pessoa, which is the Manaira Shopping Mall. Roberto Santiago is also the owner of other shopping malls in the city. These include the Mangeira Shopping Mall. He had started his career by working at Café Santa Rosa. Then he started his cartonnage company. This was manufacturing cardboard boxes for packing purposes. This company was successful, and he was encouraged to invest in various other sectors.

Roberto Santiago is passionate about sports too. He has won trophies in motocross as well as kart championships.

Taking political activism to the next level

One of the things that have always gathered the attention of the entre globe is the American politics. When there is an election, you can always expect it to be followed with a lot of controversy as the land of the free tries to remold and redefine itself. Well, the just concluded elections might just be some of the most dramatic ones yet. To start with, it seemed like the democratic candidate was taking the day and everyone had gotten on board with the idea of Clinton holding the highest office in the planet. There were many non-governmental bodies that were rooting for her and everything she stood for. Well, even though she did not make it, it is safe to assume that the wave that she created might just fulfill some of the dreams that she had when starting her campaign for the office. One of the groups that had been supporting the agenda of the Democratic Party was the United PAC. They were looking for ways in which they could tunnel large sums of money to the campaign efforts of their preferred candidates. They had managed to raise $2million that they distributed to their preferred candidates and had a goal of raising even more before the election. In 2015, the director of the group, Richard Carbo stated that the ultimate goal of the company was to raise about $30million by the end of last year. There is a law that was passed in 2010 that made it possible for PACs to take part in the politics of the country. The problem with the law is the fact that a lot of dirty money has become part of the daily politics. The aim of the group is to turnaround this law by amending the constitution, and they have already collected 300,000 of the signatures that they need to get a gearing from the Supreme Court. They teamed up with the organization known as Ready for Hillary and hoped that the 4 million followers of the group would support their initiative. More than 11 candidates of the Democratic Party had been endorsed by this group. The difference between the group and the others is simply the fact that they look at the political and the social side of the initiatives they take part in. They aim to eliminate the effect of the Koch Brothers in American Politics. The group even started an expenditure arm to keep the finances separate from all other group activities. Their move to try and amend the constitution is ambitious, but they have the drive and the strategies it takes to make this a success and even though their candidate of choice did not make it to the White House, it is commendable that they are keeping the fire burning.

Lime Crime Has Created A Scandal


Lime Crime is an online cosmetic trailblazing company that started in 2008. They pride themselves on offering makeup to the masses who are looking for unconventional colors and styles. Traditional hues are not something you will find at Lime Crime, more bold and expressive shades from blue lipsticks to gold eye shadows and everything in between. The fans of Lime Crime cosmetics have expanded around the globe and helped the online retailer grow over the last 9 years.


One of their signature products is the Velvetine lip color, a product with a unique transition of going on liquid then drying to a soft matte finish. This product is featured as the traditional matte or as a metallic finish. It was the product that launched the liquid lipstick craze and is still the most coveted cosmetic item for Lime Crime customers. Making sure their fans are always taken care of, they have introduced a new shade to the Velvetine family called Scandal.

Scandal has a deep maroon base with a rich purple overtone. It is complimentary to all skin tones and features the Velvetine formula of smooth liquid application to rich soft matte finish. Once applied, the color has an all day staying power that won’t smudge, transfer or bleed away, so the drama of the customers face will last just as long as their rebellious attitude.


Whether you’re a boy or a girl, the new Scandal velvetine lip color can give you the drama and confidence that everyone wants as they walk through life. From punk rock artist to CEO executive, showing a little scandalous behavior with bold makeup is perfectly acceptable, and for the fans of Lime Crime it’s an expression of freedom to be themselves.

Get in on Lime Crime’s biggest scandal yet here:

Shocking World Records


Many people would be surprised to know that there are actually sexual records that people have. Even though people have been having sex since the beginning of time, we are still shocking ourselves every day with what kind of world records we are setting. This article will attempt to address what sex records are out there to break.


Be sure not to Google the following facts and statistics at work, as they are “not safe for work.” , and really the count amongst things never to google.


* How Many People Had Sex at The Same Time


What would your guess be? 50? 25? 100? The correct and shocking answer is “none of the above.” All couples were tested before the event and found to be STD free.


* Who Has the Most Children?


Feodor Vassilyev has the current record for the most children in the world with a shocking 69 children. Yes, that’s correct. He has 69 children under his name. There have been no recent attempts to break this record.


* How old is the oldest father?


The oldest father that has had a wife give birth to a child was ninety years of age when the child was born. Be careful not to Google this at work, or your boss may think you have other ideas than working going on in your mind!




Are you going to try and compete against them? Why or why not?  I know that even graphic novels have attempted the practice, with several examples of Marvel sex.