Alex Pall on Closer, Fans, and Halsey

In an interview with Mathias Rosenzweig, DJs Alex Pall and Andrew Taggert of the band Chainsmokers give some perspective on the direction of the band.

Chainsmokers is constantly looking for ways to bring something new to the fans around the world. Pall credits the singing element incorporated in “Closer” with forcing the band to up the level of their stage performances. The duo are planning festivals as things continue to move forward and have already sold out their first one’s tickets several months in advance.

Already the band performs their songs live, however, they are still pushing the boundaries of their performances any way they can. Pall states that the worst thing that an artist can do is become complacent. He feels that constant progress, change, and creativity are the keys to staying at the top of the game.

Working with Halsey on the song “Closer” was an incredible experience, says Pall. He listed her as the top artist he wanted to work with. He feels that Halsey is unapologetically unique and those are the kinds of artists Chainsmokers want to work with. He also said that working with Halsey, along with having Taggert’s vocals on the song, is taking a big step in a good direction both in terms of the band’s identity and in the overall way the band is handling their music.

Instagram is receiving the credit for helping Pall to understand and connect with the growing audience of the band. Receiving messages from his fans worldwide detailing how different members of their families are affected emotionally by their music really drives him to continue honing his craft. For Pall, nothing is more important than the way music makes you feel.

Even with pressure from both fans and their label to pump out new material, Pall and Taggert want to wait until they have a solid, cohesive, album before they release something new. With their hands deep in the process of the songwriting as well as in producing, Chainsmokers is looking to have their next album be one that is both unified and heartfelt.

Securus Technologies, Keeping Focus on What Matters Most

Securus Technologies, the company that’s known for connecting inmates with their loved ones, underwent some significant changes recently. The company, which is based in Texas, and has over 30 years’ experience, has acquired GovPayNet. This company is over 20 years old and is based in Indiana. The company processes payments for over 3,000 agencies and specializes in governmental agency payments. Securus is happy to have them on board, as they can assist in developing technology at a much faster rate. JPay, another recently acquired company is already working on new technology to improve the safety of correctional facilities and enhance the lives of inmates.


The primary technology being developed are wireless containment systems. WCS devices work to block cell phone communications made from contraband phones. The signal is blocked from connecting the phone to its network. The user hears or sees a message that the call has been disconnected. It’s estimated that over a billion calls have already been blocked, although official numbers haven’t been released. The technology is important because many crimes both inside and outside the facilities have been linked to contraband wireless devices.


Securus has also been making news in other areas as well. With new accreditation by the Better Business Bureau, the company has received an “A+” rating. The company has improved its customer service, reporting that nearly all concerns are handled in just one contact. With over 95 percent of customers reporting they’re happy with their experience; the company has improved its reputation significantly over the past few years. Despite all the new technology, the company remains true to its purpose. Enhancing communication for inmates through affordable calling solutions and alternatives remains the focus of Securus Technologies. Newly developed tablet computers have been made available for purchase, developed by JPay. With so many options available, and improved safety in facilities, it’s easy to see why Securus Technologies remains an industry leader.


Securus Technologies Setting the Standard in Prison Security

To give you a good understanding what really happens inside crowded prisons, you have to walk a day in my shoes. I am part of a team of corrections officers that are stationed in the most dangerous of all New Mexico prisons. When I show up for work in the morning, I am dealing with inmates who have been packed in tiny cells who are looking for ways to lash out. Since we are the only contact they have with authority, these inmates use us to make a point when they are frustrated.


Now add into the mix these inmates are working tirelessly to get drugs, weapons, and contraband into the jail, and my small team of officers is already fighting a tough battle. To try and keep those items out of the jail, we needed to get help from outside agencies. Although the scanning equipment we have in the visitor center is slowing down incidents, we needed to do more to reduce violence. Securus Technologies was the answer to this problem for us, creating a telephone monitoring system that worked harder than an entire team of officers scanning calls for chatter about things from drugs to weapons.


Securus Technologies has their main facility based in Texas, and the thousand employees of the company have one objective, making the world just a little safer. The CEO of the company already told my team how effective the call system is in the other 2,500 jails it is in today, and we couldn’t wait to see it in action. Call after call, the LBS software scans and alerts me and my fellow officers when trouble is brewing. If the inmates are on the phones talking about getting, using, or selling drugs, that alert gives us the unique chance to take action before the trouble takes place.


Securus Technologies Helping Keep Inmates & Officers Safe

Trying to maintain a degree of order in a very dangerous prison can be very difficult for officers when we are not only outnumbered, we have to deal with a steady flow of drugs and weapons on top of that. This puts the inmates in a very powerful position, and trying to keep order has been getting more challenging as the years pass, until we finally got a piece of technology today that changed the game.


Securus Technologies has been key in helping prisons around the country to become safer, all due to their modern inmate telephone call monitoring system. Instead of a bunch of officers sitting in a room listening to inmates talking on the jail phones, the LBS software now scans every second of every call for anything that could be considered a threat. If a conversation is detected concerning drugs, weapons, gangs, fighting, or any type of contraband, alerts are sent to my officers and we take the appropriate action.


Securus Technologies has over a thousand employees and is based in Dallas, and all the team that works there are working towards the objective of making the work safer. The CEO of Securus Technologies, Richard Smith, says his system is already in thousands of jails and helping to reduce violent incidents and keep both inmates and officers safe.


To give you an example as to how the Securus Technologies system and LBS software has made my job as an officer easier, we only need to look at the incidents we intercepted this week alone. One inmate was complaining about being asked to hide and sell drugs for a gang, we took instant action. One inmate was asking his sister to hid her medication in her bra and pass it to him in the visitor center, we met her that day and searched her and confiscated the contraband.