Shocking World Records


Many people would be surprised to know that there are actually sexual records that people have. Even though people have been having sex since the beginning of time, we are still shocking ourselves every day with what kind of world records we are setting. This article will attempt to address what sex records are out there to break.


Be sure not to Google the following facts and statistics at work, as they are “not safe for work.” , and really the count amongst things never to google.


* How Many People Had Sex at The Same Time


What would your guess be? 50? 25? 100? The correct and shocking answer is “none of the above.” All couples were tested before the event and found to be STD free.


* Who Has the Most Children?


Feodor Vassilyev has the current record for the most children in the world with a shocking 69 children. Yes, that’s correct. He has 69 children under his name. There have been no recent attempts to break this record.


* How old is the oldest father?


The oldest father that has had a wife give birth to a child was ninety years of age when the child was born. Be careful not to Google this at work, or your boss may think you have other ideas than working going on in your mind!




Are you going to try and compete against them? Why or why not?  I know that even graphic novels have attempted the practice, with several examples of Marvel sex.