The Importance of Safe Communication: Rick Smith, the CEO of Securus Sets the Record Straight

Early last year, Securus Technologies, a top provider of prison communication solutions announced that it added a sales executive to the brand. The executive was hired to develop a competitive global sales team. This is what was needed to expand their product globally. According to Rick Smith, the CEO of Securus, the move was seen as an effective approach needed to match the increasing demand for criminal justice and civil communication needs.

Rick said during the announcement, “We need to incorporate a key sales figure that is experienced to transform and expand our brand.” John Bell, who joined Securus in December 2015, was happy to take up the new challenge as head of sales. Josh Conklin who is the sales VP reports directly to John Bell. They were to look forward to the accomplishment of key goals in the firm. Today, Mr. Bell and his team are a happy lot. Secures has taken huge milestones in providing quality prison communication solutions.

Rick Smith Talks about Positive Emails

Research on emails brought forward by reporters show the approaches taken by Securus in providing hope through safer and better practices. The emails show how Securus is claiming to provide alternative solutions in respect to created terrifying solutions. Rick Smith had strong comments about the emails. He insisted that Securus Technologies remains a strong investment brand, and normally, product proposals are released each week to help in the law enforcement process.

According to Rick, the articles are meant to prevent various social problems experienced in the society. Moreover, Mr. Smith believes that the brand is mandated to primarily provide security solutions, and this is achieved through prevention strategies. They are focused on providing heightened security measures to keep families and inmates safe.

About Rick Smith

Rick Smith is the current CEO of Securus Technologies. He joined the brand in 2014 and has been instrumental in respect to the company’s global growth and market acceptance. Before Securus, Rick served as the COO and President of Echelon Telecom. He also worked at Global Crossing. Rick possesses two master degree qualifications and they include an MBA from Rochester University and a Masters Degree in Engineering from New York State University. He also possesses a Degree in Engineering from New York State University.


Generally, the success of Securus technologies is due to effective leadership and brilliant customer support system. Under the leadership of Richard Smith, the company has achieved a lot since it’s reliable and customer-friendly.