Success Academy Prepares Students to Reach Excellence with Supportive Teachers

With the exceptional test scores by the students of Success Academy, it is abundantly clear that the charter school has built a consensus among students to reach higher. The strong test scores give a firm indication that students and parents are committed to their education. In 2016, Success Academy students ranked in the top five highest achieving test scores in English, mathematics and science.


The leadership for the New York based charter network has placed a great emphasis on teachers aligning with their students in an environment that focuses on one to one connections. Teachers facilitate the lessons in a more personal environment that builds the students strengths and abilities, which creates self-awareness and higher self-esteem. Students are motivated and confident in their abilities to learn as well as achieve great accomplishments in their education.


Success Academy has gone to great lengths for instilling the desire within students to study their lessons and taking ownership for their education. Each student has their teacher’s guidance for support, and the students are encouraged to have fun while learning. The environment within the halls of each charter school is filled with students that not only want to learn, but who also take it upon themselves to lift other students by offering support of each other. Success Academy students interact in an environment that is a joyful place to learn and meeting their individual goals for achieving excellence.


The efforts of Success Academy were noticed by 17,000 applicants this year that went through the charter network process hoping to become a student. Each year in April, Success Academy holds a lottery pool for qualified applicants. Each year the parents of those students are excited for the opportunity for their children to receive the type of learning which Success Academy exemplifies to students.


Success Academy has put forth a solid model for students to learn and equip themselves with the skills necessary for leveraging their knowledge. The teachers and leadership of Success Academy continue to create a vibrant environment and learning opportunity to prepare children to succeed in their future. Success Academy remains as the highest-performing school throughout New York.