Lime Crime Has Created A Scandal


Lime Crime is an online cosmetic trailblazing company that started in 2008. They pride themselves on offering makeup to the masses who are looking for unconventional colors and styles. Traditional hues are not something you will find at Lime Crime, more bold and expressive shades from blue lipsticks to gold eye shadows and everything in between. The fans of Lime Crime cosmetics have expanded around the globe and helped the online retailer grow over the last 9 years.


One of their signature products is the Velvetine lip color, a product with a unique transition of going on liquid then drying to a soft matte finish. This product is featured as the traditional matte or as a metallic finish. It was the product that launched the liquid lipstick craze and is still the most coveted cosmetic item for Lime Crime customers. Making sure their fans are always taken care of, they have introduced a new shade to the Velvetine family called Scandal.

Scandal has a deep maroon base with a rich purple overtone. It is complimentary to all skin tones and features the Velvetine formula of smooth liquid application to rich soft matte finish. Once applied, the color has an all day staying power that won’t smudge, transfer or bleed away, so the drama of the customers face will last just as long as their rebellious attitude.


Whether you’re a boy or a girl, the new Scandal velvetine lip color can give you the drama and confidence that everyone wants as they walk through life. From punk rock artist to CEO executive, showing a little scandalous behavior with bold makeup is perfectly acceptable, and for the fans of Lime Crime it’s an expression of freedom to be themselves.

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