Drew Madden: The Future Is Bright

With technology becoming more important in healthcare, it takes a variety of professionals to stay on top of the latest innovations. One of these individuals is Drew Madden, one of the most experienced and knowledgeable healthcare IT professionals in the industry today. As a founding partner of healthcare IT consulting firm Evergreen Healthcare Partners, he has lent his expertise to numerous organizations, and recently spoke of this in an interview.

Having a degree in Industrial Engineering, Drew Madden discussed in detail how the skills in this field translate into healthcare IT. For example, after discussing the untapped potential of healthcare innovation, Drew Madden discussed how important it is to have people on a company’s leadership team who bring diverse backgrounds and talents to an organization. To accomplish this, Drew strongly believes it takes those in charge of a company empowering others to not only use the strengths they already possess, but also to discover new talents and abilities that can help a company and its clients.

For Drew Madden, his typical day is spent meeting with people, both in his company and various clients. Whether working with his team on various internal projects or working with clients on developing new ideas, Drew Madden has gained a reputation for not only listening to the concerns of others, but also in collaborating with others to use new and innovative ideas in various aspects of healthcare IT.

As a person who is always anxious to discover the latest trends in healthcare IT, Drew Madden has used his expertise in engineering, business, and other areas to bring a variety of changes to numerous organizations. For example, he has used his IT expertise to help many healthcare organizations develop and implement various types of apps for their electronic medical records systems. By using this technology, healthcare professionals can not only enter patient data quicker, but also retrieve information when needed in helping treat a patient.

Determined to continue helping healthcare organizations bring about even more innovation to their employees and patients, Drew Madden has no doubt the future is bright for himself and his company.