Alastair Borthwick, Guiding Father of the Scottish Outdoors…

So what’s the Big Deal about Alastair Borthwick and Hill Climbing?

The big deal is that author Alastair Borthwick was one of the first people in the earlier part of the 20th century to write on this matter in Scotland, or the UK. Publishers didn’t care for such materials as the public opinion was that outdoors sports were only engaged in by affluent members of society.

This wasn’t Actually the Case, However…

The actual truth was that many working class people took to the countryside to hike and explore every single weekend in Scotland! Alastair knew this, so he wrote a series of articles for the magazine, “The Glasgow Herald.” The section that Alastair Borthwick was published in was called, “Open Air.” These articles were eventually published into a full length book, under the direction of T.S. Eliot entitled, “Always a Little Further.” This is the book that made the sport even more popular among the working class. They now had an official collection of Alastair’s articles as a guide.

This Type of Unique Thinking Bled over into Other Mediums for Alastair…

Alastair Borthwick excelled in radio during the 1930’s, and three decades later, he did the exact same thing with television. He published half hour journalistic segments for a Scottish broadcasting entity. His total number of such televised programs is around one hundred and fifty or so. The topics that these programs covered were quite varied also. Just about any concern at the time seemed to be appropriately covered.

The War even Led to Gigs for this Guy…

He also served his country in the 5th Battalion during the 2nd World War and afterwards was chosen to write a book on the battalion’s official history. The book is a popular read to this very day among historians that study the second World War and also just history buffs in general.

Alastair covered it All in Life…

Writing that encompassed topics as different and unique as hill climbing the countryside as a sport all the way to historic military battle! This is one Scottish writer often associated with a great deal of flexibility. He is still read today because of it.


The Israeli-American Council Is A Passion For Businessman Adam Milstein

Ten years after its founding, the Israeli-American Council is going stronger than ever. The organization now has 15 regional offices nationwide after opening five new location in recent months. The IAC is the fastest growing Jewish heritage organization not just in the United States, but the world. It supports more than 250,000 active members.


The Israeli-American Council is the brainchild of Adam Milstein. He was born in Haifa, Israel, in 1952 and grew to manhood there. At age 19 he entered service with the Israeli Defense Forces and saw action in the 1973 Yom Kippur War. He served under General Ariel Sharon in the Egypt campaign.


After graduating from college and marrying the love of his life, Gila, the Milstein’s immigrated to the United States. There Adam earned an MBA at the University of Southern California and entered the world of real estate development and investment. Today he is a managing partner with Hager pacific Properties.


Financial success in his career prompted Adam Milstein to look for ways he could give back to the two countries he loves — Israel and the United States. He also had a keen desire to help others, like he and his wife, who at first struggled with the transition of becoming American citizens after an Israeli upbringing.


That’s part of what the Israeli-American Council is all about. Many observers have stated that the organization has had a “significant and transformative impact” on the lives of Israeli-American people and those of Jewish heritage. The IAC sponsors Israeli Festivals around the country and regularly trains community leaders who work to further the goals of the organization.


The fundamental mission of the Israeli-American Council is to build an “engaged and united Israeli-American community” that bolsters people of Jewish heritage. It helps with manny aspects of life, from education and career, to community cohesion, networking and striving to keep ties strong between the two countries.


For Adam Milstein the IAC is a labor of love. He also founded the Adam Milstein Foundation which provides an array of supportive programs for Israeli and Jewish people across America.