The Great Incident that Led to the Launch of Frontera Fund

The Frontera Fund is a nonprofit making organization that was established several years ago. The institution focuses on offering financial support to human rights organizations that are found in the United States and other parts of the country. The institution was established by powerful journalists who are based in the country too. Before the Frontera Fund was established, the journalists had to endure some hardships.

In the year 2007, several armed deputies who served at the Maricopa country were ordered by the boss, Joe Arpaio to go and arrest Jim and Michael, some prominent journalists in the country. The armed offers were from the selective enforcement unit and were quick to arrest and take Mike and Jim to two separate jails in the country. The journalists had been very vocal in some matters concerning the wealthy and powerful county sheriff. The media executives were taken from their homes that were based in the Phoenix area before they were shoved into cars that had dark and tinted windows. To make the matters worse, the cars had Mexican number plates, making the family members very worried. The two journalists were booked into two jails that were managed by the wealthy Sheriff.

Joe was a very arrogant and powerful personality in the country.In many occasions, the businessman considered himself as one of the most wealthy and powerful sheriffs that were living in America. The sheriff was very proud, and he would tell people that he was untouchable. Jim and Mike, however, decided to expose some of his evil deeds to the public, and this made the powerful man very angry. Using his powers, he made sure that the journalists spent the night in prison. Fortunately, Mike and his friend received a lot of support from the public, forcing the wealthy personality to free them in the morning. Although the journalists were detained for only a short time, they chose to sue the sheriff in a court of law. The judges decided to offer the journalists some compensation due to the hardships they had to endure while in the prisons. The money received as compensation was used to start the human rights organization.


Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin Found Frontera Fund and FPC

Former Sheriff of Maricopa County in Arizona has successfully slithered his way out of a prison sentence after President Donald Trump pardoned him. In July of 2017, Arpaio was convicted of criminal contempt of court and was just about to be sentenced when Donald Trump made the announcement. After it was made public that Arpaio was using racial profiling techniques to arrest immigrants, a judge ordered him to cease the actions. Arpaio ignored the judge’s orders and was promptly charged with contempt.

Ignoring a judge’s orders are the least harmful crime Arpaio has committed, if you ask Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin. Lacey has went on record saying Arpaio is guilty of murder, assault and many other crimes. If it was up to Lacey or Larkin, Arpaio would be spending the rest of his life incarcerated.

Lacey and Larkin are victims of Arpaio themselves. During their time with The Phoenix New Times, the two journalist orchestrated an expose on Arpaio and his illegal activities. This lead to Arpaio beginning a campaign to arrest the two journalists. When he finally arrested them, they were released in less than 24 hours and went on to sue the county for their unlawful arrest. Arpaio violated the two’s first amendment rights and now the journalist are working to keep Arpaio out of office.

Since being awarded the 3.75 million dollar settlement, Lacey and Larkin have created The Frontera Fund and Front Page Confidential.

The Frontera Fund works with many similar organizations to assist the Hispanic community in Arizona in many different capacities; they provide those in need with information regarding the immigration process and other issues they may be concerned with.

Front Page Confidential is their main weapon to fight against oppression. By utilizing their new publication, they wish to inform the public on issues concerning first amendment violations and other civil rights topics.