The untold story of Doctor Clay B Siegall as the CEO of the Seattle Genetics

Clay B Siegall is a very focused and determined entrepreneur who is the founder of the Seattle Genetics company that specializes in developing various types of cancer therapies and development of various drugs and equipment to treat the cancer patients in the whole world. He came from a very humble background where his father was a patient supporting cancer. He watched his father go through a lot of pain and suffering while he was a young boy until his death when he was in his twenties. At this time, there were not enough and well-equipped equipment and treatments to treat cancer patients, and he believes that this was what led to the death of his father. This inspired him to focus his career in science on making sure that one day he becomes of the greatest saviors of the lives of the cancer patients in the world.

He went to The University of Maryland where he obtained his undergraduate degree in zoology. He then attended the George Washington University where he obtained a Ph.D. IN Genetics. He has been able to work in some institutions one of them being Bristo Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute as the senior research investigator. In his latest interview, Cay B Siegall says that him working at the in the statute was a great experience for him since he got the ideas on how to run a company. This is portrayed by the way he has been able to contribute to every aspect of the Seattle Genetics company’s growth and development.

As an entrep[renuer, Clay B Siegall says that it is important to make sure that you learn as much as you can through socializing and interacting with other successful people from different professions. There are new things every day that come up due to the new technology, and therefore the amount of knowledge can never reach an end point.

He says that collaboration of his company with other industries have contributed much into the growth of Seattle Genetics which have enabled them to gain a lot of expertise and sharing of ideas to help them make new inventions and development of various drugs such as the Anti-Body Drug Conjugates.