Krishen Iyer Interview

Krishen Iyer, the Chief Executive Officer of Managed Benefits Services, formerly known as Quick Link Marketing, is an expert in online marketing, client relations, and technical development. Mr. Iyer attended Grossmont College, and later, San Diego State University, where he attained a bachelor’s degree in urban development and public administration. Since joining Managed Benefits Services as an online partner, he’s played a significant role in the company’s rapid development, helping clients to connect with lead-generation companies in an effort to create marketing solutions. While remaining an active participant in the daily operations at Managed Benefits Services, Krishen Iyer remains an active philanthropist, dedicating much of his off-time to fighting global humanitarian, as well as natural disasters, particularly, the relief efforts in Haiti.
Each day, Krishen Iyer begins by directly interfacing with clients, as this helps him to plot the course of his responsibilities for the remainder of the day. Throughout the process, Mr. Iyer also focuses on certain aspects of growing the company, specifically, marketing and technical development. He is also tasked with bringing his ideas to life, which he believes are always a product of collective communication, integrating a number of viewpoints in order to achieve the goal. Mr. Iyer regards communication as a talent, as well as a skill, that, in order to remain effective, must be refined on a consistent basis.
Over the course of his career, Krishen Iyer has been spurred by his inquisitive nature, allowing him to consider various perspectives, in an effort to become a more productive entrepreneur. Despite holding a number of various positions prior to becoming the Chief Executive Officer of Managed Benefits Services, by his estimation, he’s never had a bad job, believing that each one has led to a learning experience that has attributed to his current position.

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