Chris Burch’s Secret to Business is Empathy


Chris Burch is the CEO of Burch Creative Capital and has recently conducted an interview with Elite Traveler’s Lauren Holmes in which Burch talks about his latest Indonesian venture, see ( Burch is one of the owners of Nihi Sumba Island, a world-class hotel and one of the leading hotels in Indonesia.

When Burch was asked about his relationship with his employees he remarked that it’s his key when it comes to business and why he’s successful, citing that he has an empathetic nature and sees people in a unique way. He also stated that one of the reasons behind his success is his ability to ask the right questions to get to understand a person, as well as connecting to the individual on an emotional level. Burch firmly believes that his empathy is the biggest part of his successes in business and in life.

Burch has had several many transformative moments in his life, but when in 2006 Chris Burch and his wife broke up. Burch credits this as a major period of transformation in his life where he learned about tenacity and further improved his innate abilities to judge the people around him. He also cites that events like those shaped him into being better able to pick himself up after a loss.

With his empathy and tenacity considered Burch puts philanthropy at the heart of his business. After purchasing the Nihi Sumba Island hotel, he contributed half of the funding to the Sumba Foundation, a large non-profit organization on the island, click Since then the foundation has contributed a lot to the quality of life for the island’s residents including providing healthcare to over twenty-five thousand people and reducing the rate of malaria by an astounding 85%. Nearing the end of the interview, Burch also said that whenever he buys another hotel he will try to uplift the community around it.


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