OG Juan : The Bro Talk

In mid-February of 2018, one of the most influential businessmen celebrated his 50th birthday in style. No, we’re not talking about some hedge fund manager or investor, we’re talking about OG Juan Perez who has been a key influential figure in the New York City rap community as well as a national culture. Surrounded by his Roc Nation crew and longtime friend and business partner rapper Jay-Z, OG Juan Perez would go on to spend almost 100K on dinners, bottle service, venues and more. Initially, the fact that anyone knew about the price was only due to a server posting the tab on SnapChat, as you can imagine the photo went viral on the web.

However, the attention was on Jay-Z and why he chose to spend so much on a relatively unknown person. Jay-Z quickly went on the social media to clarify the rumors by stating that OG Juan Perez was the person who actually footed the bill that night.So, who’s OG Juan Perez? Born and raised in Harlem, OG Juan would be introduced to Jay-Z back in 1996 by the co-founder of Roc-A-Fella Records “Biggs”. The two would quickly form a personal and business friendship that ended up with OG Juan running some of the Jay studios, most notably what is considered the cornerstone of hip-hop in New York 26th Street Baseline Studio.

In 2003, the pair would venture into the nightlife business, particularly that of the sports bar variety with an upscale touch. The 40/40 Club would open to much success and today has expanded to other locations across the country. Due to the incredible amount of athletes they would mentor in the 40/40 club, Jay and OG Juan would decide to open Roc Nation, a management firm that brings mentorship and expert financial advice to some of the top players in their league. Jay and OG Juan stated that these players often go broke due to poor management and Roc Nation was going to be there to make sure that they had a fighting chance for a life after sports.

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