OSI Industries Continues Its Global Expansion As A Leader In Food Supply

There are millions of people all over the world that are dependant on the distribution of food from various corporations around the world that control the supply and demand. Corporations such as OSI Industries, which remains one of the leading food and meat processing companies in the entire world, working diligently to supply millions of people every year with their daily nutrition. OSI was actually an underdog company at one point in time, specifically at the time it was started and for a couple decades afterward. Starting up in 1909 originally, OSI is a century-old company that was founded by a German immigrant by the name of Otto Kolschowsky.

When it comes to food supply, there are few corporations out there that can compete with OSI Industries. This multi-billion dollar corporation has more than 60 facilities spread out across 17 different countries distribution millions of tons of food to millions of people each year. More than 20 thousand individuals are required to enable this operation to run smoothly and Sheldon Lavin has perfected employee turnover rates to keep production rates at the company high every year.

OSI Industries was just an average meat market 50 years ago before they formed a partnership with McDonald’s. McDonald’s was just coming up and they were starting to find extreme levels of success with their signature fast food burgers and fries. McDonald’s settled a contract with OSI to make them their primary supplier of beef, asking them for dedicated facilities to meet up with their demands. It was a difficult task, but OSI Industries took the contract and managed to grow exponentially through McDonald’s meat demands. As the company grew and took up overseas operations, they also added a variety of other food products as part of their supply to offer everything their clients need.

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