Why Victoria Doramus Believes Animals Deserve a Shot at Life

Recovery expert Victoria Doramus believes that animals deserve a shot at life just as well as human beings. This is because she is a recovering addict. Victoria was able to get help when she needed it, so why not the animals?

When a group of friends discovered that shelters were killing unwanted animals in the early 80’s, they chose to take some pets home while creating a sanctuary for animals that they felt would not do well at home. Thus, the shelter was named Best Friends Animal Shelter. It goes by this name today, and it will go by this name in the future as well.

The group of friends that started the shelter saw to it that these animals were giving the chance they deserve, and many of them were placed into their forever home. The primary goal was for the animals to have a safe place to stay with hopes of finding a new home. Those who were not adopted could stay and heal, or yet again go home with one of the founders.

Consumer trends expert Victoria Doramus personally supports this shelter with her own money, but this non-profit organization has done a great job of making sure these pets get to live out their lives in a safe place where they can get good care and a lot of love and attention. Her hope is that one day, shelters will all become “no kill” shelters.

Animals deserve love and attention, and they deserve to be cared for in a good atmosphere. Just like humans, animals need help and they need medical care as well. This is all part of the overall care at the shelters. These animals should not have to go without what other animals are getting.

The shelter is doing well at this time, with more than 1,600 animals getting the medical help and care they need and deserve. Victoria Doramus knows that many animals have also experienced a troubled past just like humans do, but with the help of the Best Friends Shelter, these animals can thrive.

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