Help Yourself Look Younger with Stem Cell Technology Facial Cream

Aging around the eyes comes fast from the age of 35 to 100 in both men and women. Cosmetic Surgery is becoming less attractive as the natural and organic movement has become popular. Taking care of your skin, especially on the face and around the eyes, is an everyday task. In only a few minutes, with the right product, you can help keep your facial skin looking young and shiny. Genucel has a line of products that can help achieve better facial skin through a more natural process.


With Genucel’s stem cell therapy serum, you can reduce puffiness and bags to create a healthier more even looking skin under the eyes. The stem cell is plant-based and goes on smoothly when applied to your facial skin. Genucel also makes other useful skin treatments for under the eye you can use at home. It is important to apply for creams and skin protection throughout the week for the best-looking skin. Sadly, no cream or serum will work forever with just one application. Taking care of yourself and your skin is an everyday task.

Cristalles Microdermabrasion is another product by Genucel that helps with skin care. If you think doctor’s and spa’s have the upper hand in taking care of your skin, Cristalles Microdermabrasion is like putting their power in your hand. The best part is you can apply this cream in the privacy of your own home. This product will always cost less money than continuing to go to the doctor’s or spas. Magnesium Oxide is the main ingredient which helps smooth over rough skin.


Beautiful skin is not magic. It comes from eating healthy, drinking water, getting plenty of oxygen and the proper skin care regimen. Genucel puts gentle ingredients in their ingredients to help lessen the effects of aging. The Genucel skin care line is worth trying for a month to see the difference taking care of your skin can make.

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