Krishen Iyer Is An Insurance Industry All-Star

Krishen Iyer, born and raised in Fresno, California, is the chief executive officer of Managed Benefit Services, a licensed insurance agency that specializes in advertising, consulting, and marketing. Also located in Fresno, California, one of the largest cities in central California, Managed Benefit Services is one of the largest businesses of its kind in the region.


Managed Benefit Services is unique in that it offers its services to insurance agencies in the fields of dental, health, and life insurance. Mr. Iyer chooses not to be involved with competitors in the automotive insurance sector because he doesn’t have any experience in the trade. Krishen works for Managed Benefit Services because he accumulated over a decade’s worth of experience after graduating college in 2002 and joining the Fresno-based company.


Krishen Iyer grew up and went to school in Fresno, graduating from Bullard High School as part of its Class of 1998. After marking secondary school off of his list of goals, Mr. Iyer ventured down to southern California to attend San Diego State University. In 2002, he graduated with a bachelor’s of arts degree with a major in public administration.


This degree was a major inroad of his to the insurance sector. He first worked in an insurance company’s call center, where he’d remain for two years. Krishen Iyer worked his way up the corporate ladder and became involved in the management of potential leads for insurance companies that operated in the field of health and dental insurance.


Eventually, Mr. Iyer began working with leads captured through the World Wide Web – particularly as an advertising specialist. He’s also owned his own insurance agency and been an agent for an insurance company that he didn’t own.


Krishen Iyer’s proudest accomplishment is being an involved father in the lives of both a son and a daughter.

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