Help Yourself Look Younger with Stem Cell Technology Facial Cream

Aging around the eyes comes fast from the age of 35 to 100 in both men and women. Cosmetic Surgery is becoming less attractive as the natural and organic movement has become popular. Taking care of your skin, especially on the face and around the eyes, is an everyday task. In only a few minutes, with the right product, you can help keep your facial skin looking young and shiny. Genucel has a line of products that can help achieve better facial skin through a more natural process.


With Genucel’s stem cell therapy serum, you can reduce puffiness and bags to create a healthier more even looking skin under the eyes. The stem cell is plant-based and goes on smoothly when applied to your facial skin. Genucel also makes other useful skin treatments for under the eye you can use at home. It is important to apply for creams and skin protection throughout the week for the best-looking skin. Sadly, no cream or serum will work forever with just one application. Taking care of yourself and your skin is an everyday task.

Cristalles Microdermabrasion is another product by Genucel that helps with skin care. If you think doctor’s and spa’s have the upper hand in taking care of your skin, Cristalles Microdermabrasion is like putting their power in your hand. The best part is you can apply this cream in the privacy of your own home. This product will always cost less money than continuing to go to the doctor’s or spas. Magnesium Oxide is the main ingredient which helps smooth over rough skin.


Beautiful skin is not magic. It comes from eating healthy, drinking water, getting plenty of oxygen and the proper skin care regimen. Genucel puts gentle ingredients in their ingredients to help lessen the effects of aging. The Genucel skin care line is worth trying for a month to see the difference taking care of your skin can make.

Ted Bauman: Recap Crunchbase Articles

Real World Warning From Ted Bauman

At the end of August 2018, none other than esteemed business expert Ted Bauman issues a stern warning about the trade war that President Donald Trump has declared on foreign nations. While traveling throughout South Africa, Switzerland and Germany, Ted Bauman noticed and use quite a few “American” brands. These brands were such United States stalwarts as Coca-Cola, Ford, and Google. While the products he was using were actually manufactured in the respective countries he was using them in, they still generated revenue for American companies and their investors. Namely, by the money received from trademarks, copyrights, and licensing fees.

For some reason, the United States government does not consider these products and the revenue they generate as actual exports, a fact that Ted Bauman says baffles him to no end. It is also the main reason why he issued such a strong condemnation about Trump’s tariff plan and its potentially devastating effect on American investors.

What Trump, the rest of the government, and the media are failing to take into consideration are the literal billions of dollars that U.S. firms located in foreign nations take in. When this money is factored into the equation, these supposed deficits actually become surpluses in sales. There is no real reason that companies need to manufacture their items in a certain country and then ship them to a different company. Where much money is made is on the licensing fees that are generated when foreign companies use names trademarked by American companies.

According to Ted Bauman, any investor who invests heavily in American companies who have foreign subsidiaries should be terrified of the new tariff laws that Trump is proposing. This is true for companies as large as Apple all the way to major farms who grow soybeans.

Genucel’s Usage in Under Eye Treatment

The medical product is a creation of Chamonix. Some of the users have termed it as phenomenal for its positive results in a short period. The formulation was developed after regular clinical tests to ensure that it’s fit for use. Several people volunteered to test the effectiveness of the formulation. After about two weeks, the puffiness under the eyes reduced significantly due to the use of 1% of a natural peptide known as Eyeseryl. The tests showed an impressive 95% success among the participants. Genucel is twice as concentrated as Eyeseryl. It contains 2 percent of Eyeseryl.

Genucel is applied twice a day above and around the eyes. One of the ingredients in the product is PhytoCellTec. The component helps in enhancing a youthful skin. The other component is Algae extract. Genucel ensures the firmness and tightness of the eyelids and hence a younger look. When you use the product, you should expect to see a more radiant and luminous skin in a short period. The peptides present in the product leads to a softer and smoother skin. Genucel XV has become popular among the users as it helps to reduce facial wrinkles. The product was developed using the Plant Stem Cell technology. Genucel also contains antioxidants that are important in moisturizing and offering protection against radical damage.

The application of Genucel can last for as long as 24 hours. Another product by the firm is Cristalles Microdermabrasion. It is gaining prominence among dermatologists due to its ability to reduce wrinkles and ensuring the smoothness of the skin. Even though one of its component, Magnesium Oxide, is common in other beauty products, it’s still unique due to the ease of application. You can see an improvement even after applying it for a few minutes. Chamonix offers its products to its customers in different packages depending on their needs and financial strengths. By choosing some of the products, you receive gifts.

Krishen Iyer Is An Insurance Industry All-Star

Krishen Iyer, born and raised in Fresno, California, is the chief executive officer of Managed Benefit Services, a licensed insurance agency that specializes in advertising, consulting, and marketing. Also located in Fresno, California, one of the largest cities in central California, Managed Benefit Services is one of the largest businesses of its kind in the region.


Managed Benefit Services is unique in that it offers its services to insurance agencies in the fields of dental, health, and life insurance. Mr. Iyer chooses not to be involved with competitors in the automotive insurance sector because he doesn’t have any experience in the trade. Krishen works for Managed Benefit Services because he accumulated over a decade’s worth of experience after graduating college in 2002 and joining the Fresno-based company.


Krishen Iyer grew up and went to school in Fresno, graduating from Bullard High School as part of its Class of 1998. After marking secondary school off of his list of goals, Mr. Iyer ventured down to southern California to attend San Diego State University. In 2002, he graduated with a bachelor’s of arts degree with a major in public administration.


This degree was a major inroad of his to the insurance sector. He first worked in an insurance company’s call center, where he’d remain for two years. Krishen Iyer worked his way up the corporate ladder and became involved in the management of potential leads for insurance companies that operated in the field of health and dental insurance.


Eventually, Mr. Iyer began working with leads captured through the World Wide Web – particularly as an advertising specialist. He’s also owned his own insurance agency and been an agent for an insurance company that he didn’t own.


Krishen Iyer’s proudest accomplishment is being an involved father in the lives of both a son and a daughter.