Betsy Devos and Educational Choice Movement

If you have seen the news in Washington, then you know that there have been a lot of meetings between school safety officials and Betsy Devos lately. The US Education Secretary has her work cut out for her as she takes on the responsibility of building up America’s on-campus security. She stated in a recent interview with Leslie Stahl from “60 Minutes,” that she wanted to create a safe environment for students that didn’t require more guns. In fact, she wasn’t a fan of teachers with guns at all.


Betsy Devos has been working with schools across the state, preparing them for educational choice. While many have opposed her beliefs on educational choice, she has still been able to implement more programs in certain areas. In fact, she says that her most successful would have to be Florida.


Educational choice provides different options for students who don’t want to go to the school where they are zoned. There are all kinds of reasons for this, but many times kids just don’t like the school and aren’t able to learn in the environment provided to them. They may want to go to a magnet program, which would allow them to attend another public school in the area.


That’s what people tend to skip over. Educational choice is about students being able to pick where they want to go according to their needs and interests. Parents love this idea, but it hasn’t been such a great hit with teachers. The concern mainly is that public funding will be used to pay for educational reform through private schools. However, Devos says that this just means the person doesn’t understand the program.


It’s clear that children are doing better with educational choice. In fact, Florida has been shown to be the most effective because it has the most programs. In this state, students can attend a magnet program, virtual school, homeschooling program, private school, or charter school. Florida also provides tuition-based scholarship programs.


Devos comes from a background in educational reform. Her mother was a public school teacher who often told her about the children that she taught and the pitfalls of the American public schools system. Now Devos works to make it better for kids everywhere.


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