Rocketship Education-New Hope for the Less Privileged

Education is very important for everyone, as it empowers and gives freedom among its other benefits. Every child has a right to education, but not everyone can access the right form of education especially those that come from less privileged backgrounds. Rocketship education has offered an excellent opportunity for the low-income learners to access not just education but the best education in quality and class.

Rocketship Education is a non-profit system of public charter schools whose main service is to the disadvantaged communities across the country. Good education is meant to benefit every person in every county, but the low-income communities have limited access to outstanding schools and the affordable education is now at their rescue. This network eliminates the achievement gap by building an accessible and sustainable type of school that will boost the student’s achievement in less-privileged communities across the country.

Rocketship Education was founded in 2006 and it launched its first schoool in San Jose, California. After the first assessment, the students scored as good as other excellent schools in the area, which earned the network great reputation as an excellent alternative for low-income learners.

The network’s main principal is to provide an instructional model that is supported by technology, one that is teacher-led and one that focuses on individual needs of each student. Rocketship also advocates for the inclusion of parents in the learning of their children. This way, parents become the main advocates for their children and the community at large. The network also works closely with the community organizations, districts and other charter schools to eliminate any barrier students might have to access better and quality education.

In its efforts to bring technology to the classroom to allow students enjoy all its benefits, Rocketship Education has incorporated Chromebooks in its schools. The network in Bay Area was among the first three participating schools when Google launched the Chromebooks. These types of devices help boost the capabilities of learners anytime and anywhere. Chromebooks have given the underprivileged students a chance to broaden their learning scope, access unlimited information as well as enhance their critical thinking, communication, and collaboration.

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