Plastic Surgeon – Jennifer Walden

Jennifer Walden is a doctor from Austin, Texas who specializes in plastic surgery. Walden does various procedures ranging from life, facial procedures, and breast augmentation. The doctor also has presented on these topics both nationally and internationally. Jennifer Walden helps patients make the best choice and get the best natural results possible. She has a board of certification from the American Board of Plastic Surgery in November of 2005 and attended the University of Texas, graduated with high honors in 1998. She has a degree in biology and then went to medical school. Residency was completed at the same university and has a lot of publications and presentations completed at various places.

The doctor has many different options for payment and speaks English and Spanish. Doctoring runs in her family as the father was a dentist and the mother a surgical nurse. An article by Texas Monthly goes into her career, as she built a successful practice in New York City and helped on a book called “Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.” Jennifer Walden has been in practice for eight years and what makes her unique is that she is a female plastic surgeon. Many women can not venture into the career for the number of years it takes when a woman could be going through pregnancy and because of gender roles, having to prove value each year. Being a single mother, she would have to come back to Austin to be close to her family.

Jennifer Walden took the route of becoming a plastic surgeon to help other women. She gives a story towards the end of an article about helping a friend fix a part of her body and being happy about it. That is what Walden does and loves what she does.


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