Igor Cornelsen: Using Experience to Improve Investment Opportunities

Successful investment in the financial markets calls for monitoring global financial markets and making decisions based on facts and not opinions of others. These are critical lessons that Brazilian investment advisor and investor, Igor Cornelsen, has learned since joining investment banking in 1971 after his graduation. For a man who first joined Federal University of Parana’s School of Engineering as an engineering student, Cornelsen’s success in investment banking is a true testament to the importance of passion in making a career choice. Two years into his engineering studies, Cornelsen switched to economics and graduated in 1970. He went to make a name for himself as an investment banker, working for some of the leading companies in Brazil and overseas.

Early on in his career at Multibancos, Igor Cornelsen showed exceptional skills in calculating interest rates which made him stand out. This earned him a promotion to serve on the board of directors at the bank in 1974. His meteoric rise within the investment banking industry and the leadership ranks of the bank continued with the promotion to serve as Multibancos’ chief executive officer in 1976. Between 1978 and 1985, he worked at Unibanco before making a career-defining move to work London Merchant Bank’s subsidiary, Libra Bank PLC. Cornelsen’s knowledge base in global investment banking and investment opportunities expanded exponentially. He was later appointed to serve on the board of Standard Chartered Merchant Bank. For seven years, he also doubled as the bank’s Brazilian market representative.

After over two decades working as an investment banker, Igor Cornelsen ventured into entrepreneurship in an industry that he had a vast knowledge of investment banking. In 1995, he founded an investment banking firm. He serves as an investment banker at his firm. His success is founded on making decisions based on facts and treating the various financial markets as a single, interconnected market. He believes in knowledge-based investment and continually monitors and analyzes world news as it impacts the investment industry. Cornelsen bases his investment decisions on his vast experience and industry knowledge that he has continued to build by receiving impartial and factual information on market trends.

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