The Exceptional Service Luiz Carlos Trabuco Provided To The Bradesco Bank

     The Bradesco bank has been one of largest in Brazil for decades. Amador Aguiar founded the bank in the 1940’s. The Chairman was Lazaro de Mello Brandao until he resigned in October of 2017. This was when Luiz Carlos Trabuco stepped down as the CEO and became the Chairman. He received the promotion to Chairman because he had been with Bradesco for so long. Lazaro Bradesco believed executives should not be hired but come from within the ranks of the company. He believed this made more sense than placing the bank in the hands of outside candidates with no experience working for the bank. He was uncertain if these individuals could be trusted. This concept has become a tradition at Bradesco.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco had spent his entire life in Sao Paulo and this is where he was educated. He attended Sao Paulo Marilia and the Fundaco School of Sociology and Politics and earned his graduate and Bachelor’s degrees. His focus of study was socio-psychology and philosophy. This provided him with a much deeper understanding of human behavior. This was especially significant when opposing parties were involved. This education is part of the reason he was hired by the bank and earned the position he holds today.

During the time Luiz Carlos Trabuco was President of Bradesco, the size of the bank doubled and gained 25 percent of the market. The performance of the company then increased from 25 percent to 35 percent. Bradesco was now one of the largest banks in Latin America. Luiz Carlos Trabuco was also responsible for an effective marketing action known as the Lagoa Christmas Tree. This tree was placed in Rio de Janeiro for twenty years in a row and sponsored by Bradesco. He has recently been honored with the designation by Ultimo Segundo as 24th on the list of Brazil’s 100 most influential Brazilians. His success at Bradesco also led to his ranking as one of Brazils 60 Most Powerful. In 2016, Forbes magazine listed him as one of the best Chief Executive Officers in Brazil. The Board of Directors for Bradesco began with the family of the founder, Amador Aguiar.

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