Johanan Rand continues to improve his anti-aging medical treatment plans causing a revolution in the way people perceive aging

Physical medicine and rehabilitation also referred to as physiatry is a branch of medicine which was pioneered by Frank Krusen in the 1930s. Krusen first started the practice in at Temple University, and it took him a decade to convince the American Medical Association to acknowledge physical therapy as a medical specialty.


Thanks to his efforts, the practice was recognized, and the American Board of Physical Medicine established in 1947. Today the method has helped many patients recover and resume a healthy life. Johanan Rand is a leading expert in the field of medical rehabilitation, and his Healthy Aging Medical Centers have been a source of hope for thousands of patients across the world


Johann Rand who studied at the esteemed Albert Einstein Medical Center in New York is one physician who has practiced physical medicine, at the highest level. As the founder of the Healthy Aging Medical Centers, Rand has provided complete care for every patient who seeks for his attention.


According to Dr. Rand, he treats each patient individually, and engineers customized treatment and education plans which are tested and peer-reviewed by international medical journals. This is in line with his philosophy of prescribing only the latest and most efficient scientific treatment plans to all his patients.


In his medical centers, patients suffering from age-related complications such as low libido, anxiety, depression, hot flashes fatigue, muscle atrophy and weight gain, find reprieve and solutions. Johanan Rand believes that people can manage their aging process, by subscribing to healthy practices such as frequent exercises. His treatment plans stand out from the rest of the physicians because he employs hormone therapy to treat complications. His method avoids the widely used approach of prescription medications because it supplements the natural supply of hormones from the body.


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All through his medical practice, Dr. Rand has not only been 100% involved in his patient’s treatment plans, but he has also mentored and taught many physicians in the medical community. He believes in sharing his knowledge and techniques. This is the kind of spirit that has made him embark on regular writing and is currently working on his book titled; it’s not too late to live past 100. Rand is recognized as a top expert in bio-identical hormones and has established the best anti-aging medical treatments available today.


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