The future of DACA Program is unknown

The GOP extremist members have started the front of attack on DACA program, and the news that alarmed most is the ricocheting of the young immigrants around all organization and networks. Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival (DACA) the youths that are undocumented they will give them the reprieve for deportation after they have achieved certain prerequisites. Other things that they will receive include social security numbers and the chance of getting employment in the U.S. the opportunity will be renewable, and that is after two years. In other states, by using the program, they will be allowed to get even the driver’s license and get the in-state tuition fee.

As the report stated earlier, Ken Paxton the Texas Attorney General sent a letter to the Trump administration telling them if they could rescind DACA program and that was to happen by September 5, threatening that if the demands are not meet then legal action will have to take place. The effect that will occur will not be termination, but what they are saying there will be a phase of, which means that the new applicants will not be considered and the renewals will not happen. The general, nine other attorneys and one governor of red states are the ones that put their names on the letter.

In the cause of the week, there was a meeting in a closed-door room between the Hispanic Caucus and John Kelly secretary of Homeland security. He stated that the project was in jeopardy and it took care or protecting over 800,000 individuals. The reason for his communication was because of the legal cases that were challenging the program. For the advocates and dreamers, they started with the sound of the alarm, but the announcement that Kelly made was worrisome. For the DACA program, this is the fifth year that they have been implementing their services, and the benefits that they have brought in the U.S. are so clear. The beneficiaries of DACA 95% of them are in school or working or both. They make their contribution to the universities and colleges nationwide in millions of dollars. With that, they have improved how much they earn and pay the taxes. The economic gains that have been achieved by DACA are that the participants are interested in continuing their education, buying of cars and homes and starting if business.

There are so many studies that have been carried to show the success that the program has shown. For the dreamers they are scared, and those that are alarmed are the allies. Though there is no need to panic, the effort of eliminating DACA should be pushed with the needed force and start organizing just how the DACA program was started back in 2012. What Frontera fund will do with the help of Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin is they will give the needed information, assistance and guidance in the fight so that to be able to preserve DACA and fight to get the permanent solution for once.

MB2 Dental Takes the Stress Out of Running Your Dental Business

MB2 Dental offers an array of services including training, business development, recruiting, procurement, marketing, IT, compliance, and billing and collections. They also take care of accounting and finance, human resources, credentialing, and all other aspects of running a successful dental office. Just the “behind the scenes” jobs of running a business alone can be a time-consuming and overwhelming task and in addition to having the many duties of being a dentist. There is a substantial downgrade of quality and amount of time that can be devoted to the patient when the dentist has the burden of all these extra tasks to complete. That is why MB2 Dental is an excellent asset to any company.

Every office needs supplies and, MB2 Dental takes care of all the ordering and even chooses products that are cost-effective to the company. Marketing is another time-consuming process, and their marketing team will grow your company’s brand as well as drive growth while helping you to meet your goals. MB2 Dental will take care of design, vendor management, execution, strategy, analysis, reporting, and training for your company. They will also help you to expand your company and will help you plan, design, and even negotiate contracts. They will also help you to develop an equipment list while keeping costs as low as possible. MB2 Dental handles billing and will even collect unpaid debts. They even take care of aged accounts receivables and will handle resubmissions and appeals. IT is another area of their expertise, and they take care of data management, maintenance plans, business network solutions, A/V installations, computer support, and virtualization. They also handle backup and disaster recovery, software implementation, cloud network solutions, and surveillance installation, just to name few of the services that they offer.

MB2 Dental Solutions is a full-package deal, and they will take care of every aspect of your company. They are professional and have experts in many areas to help you to succeed in your business. They offer solutions to everyday problems and will help you to find the solutions to harder ones. MB2 Dental understands that there are many working parts of taking care of a business and that is can get very time-consuming and even overwhelming. That is why they take care of those other things so that you don’t have to and you can focus on what you need to do to keep your clients satisfied.

Jed McCleb Cryptocurrency Entrepreneur

Jed McCaleb Background and Overview

Jed McCaleb is co-founder of Stellar. Stellar is a payment network for open-source protocol and currency exchange. Stellar is affiliated with Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. Jed McCaleb first heard of Bitcoin during 2010. He was instantly fascinated by the idea of cryptocurrency. Initially, he was in disbelief that such a thing could exists.

McCaleb built an organized exchange for Bitcoin trading, something he called “Mt. Gox.” At one point, Mt. Gox was responsible for 80% of all exchanges in cryptocurrency.

McCaleb sold Mt. Gox to Mark Karpeles in 2011. His focus shifted to solving a perceived problem with the cryptocurrency industry. McCaleb believed there was a “mining process” involved in Bitcoin. This discovery led him to create Ripple. Ripple is a systematic payment network.


McCaleb learned skills through Ripple. Proceeding that, he founded the Stellar Development Foundation. His goal for Stellar was to create an internet basis for payments. Stellar aimed to merge all payment networks together into one centralized medium.

Some believe setups like Steller are less secure and safe. McCaleb says that Seller is secure, and users can easily understand the software. Stellar is set to work with major banks and financial companies. Steller does not aspire to be part of the private blockchain economy. McCaleb believes a private blockchain is similar to running an official database, something he does not want for the future of Stellar.

Tokenized Access

Tokenized access is a concern amongst all cryptocurrencies. Tokenized access is when a company’s unique currency is matched with official currency. For example, companies like PayPal offers a currency called “PayPal dollars.” The issue becomes when a company does not match the value of their unique currency to an official one, such as PayPal dollars to USD. Confusion and skepticism can come about during this process, which is why security and trust are vital in the success of cryptocurrencies.

McCleb has been a key figure in the development of cryptocurrencies and their networks. He hopes Stellar will continue to improve the way industry conducts exchange.



Jeunesse Global helps spread vitality across the globe with Youth Enhancement System

Jeunesse Global has become one of the most talked-about names in the international health and beauty industry. Founded less than 9 years ago, the company has sprung from obscurity to reach the highest peaks of international fame. It has gone from a garage-based startup business to a company valued at more than $1 billion in a period of time that few companies have ever been able to match in the history of American business.

And all this success is largely attributable to the vision and leadership of Jeunesse Global founders Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis. The couple was already well known throughout the North American direct-marketing business. Ray and Lewis had been behind the formation and growth of dozens of highly successful businesses. But as they approached their late 60s, the couple decided that it might finally be time to throw in the towel. However, they didn’t count on the boredom that was an inherent part of retired life.

The industrious pair soon began selling a few health and beauty products out of their garage as a means to pass the idle time of retirement. Soon, they realized that they had yet another winning business model on their hands. They named their company Jeunesse Global, and the rest is history.

But from the beginning, Ray and Lewis wanted Jeunesse to be a different kind of company. The couple was no longer focused on the acquisition of additional wealth; they had all the money that anyone could possible spend in three lifetimes. Instead, Ray and Lewis wanted to focus on spreading real economic opportunity across the globe while creating some of the most innovative products that the health and beauty sector had ever seen. They wanted to make a life statement and leave a lasting legacy for humanity.

One of the ways that they were able to achieve this is through the Jeunesse Global business model itself. With up to six ways to earn, Jeunesse distributors are among the most well compensated in the industry. Thousands of Jeunesse independent business owners have been able to achieve financial independence by following the company’s business model.

Ryan Seacrest Gives Back With Seacrest Studios

Ryan Seacrest gives back to numerous communities with the advent of his philanthropic venture Ryan Seacrest Foundation (RSF). As a young person, Mr. Seacrest embodied a selfless characteristic of creating a great time and enjoyable experience for everyone. He became interested in the world of radio as a teen. He won a high school contest in his hometown Atlanta, Georgia, which allotted him the opportunity to host a live show. At the age of 19, Ryan Seacrest ended his formal education at University of Georgia to relocate to California in pursuit of a career in radio. Once in California, he hit the ground running. Mr. Seacrest led several high-profile television shows such as ESPN’s Radical Outdoor Challenge, Gladiators 2000, and NBC Saturday Night Movie to highlight a few. He kept honing his craft of hosting and soon landed a hosting job in 2002 with prime time’s fledgling, American Idol. The American Idol series uncovered his impressive emcee skills.

Ryan Seacrest, the host of On Air With Ryan, is a strong proponent of individuals reaching their career aspirations and goals. He understands the brevity of mentorship and how it can play a major part in one’s success. The star-studded host has been groomed by greats like Dick Clark, Larry King, and beyond. These experiences fostered creativity and growth for Mr. Seacrest in the entertainment field.

Ryan Seacrest, who developed his very own fashion clothing, passionately sought out a viable avenue where he could inspire and encourage individuals to live up to their fullest creative potential. He engineered an idea to support young people via a foundation. He and his family formed a philanthropic model that gives young patients an opportunity to explore being creative via the wonderful world of entertainment.

His platform, the Ryan Seacrest Foundation, developed a network of state of the art full broadcast and media centers. Seacrest Studios promotes coaching, education, and training opportunities to young patients. The studios are located on pediatric hospital campuses across the US, including its flagship location in Atlanta.

Ryan Seacrest Foundation was initiated in 2010. He was recently honored as Philanthropist of the Year per Variety Magazine. Ryan Seacrest is heavily involved with the foundation’s initiatives and is proud to contribute to the healing process for children around the world via RSF.