The future of DACA Program is unknown

The GOP extremist members have started the front of attack on DACA program, and the news that alarmed most is the ricocheting of the young immigrants around all organization and networks. Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival (DACA) the youths that are undocumented they will give them the reprieve for deportation after they have achieved certain prerequisites. Other things that they will receive include social security numbers and the chance of getting employment in the U.S. the opportunity will be renewable, and that is after two years. In other states, by using the program, they will be allowed to get even the driver’s license and get the in-state tuition fee.

As the report stated earlier, Ken Paxton the Texas Attorney General sent a letter to the Trump administration telling them if they could rescind DACA program and that was to happen by September 5, threatening that if the demands are not meet then legal action will have to take place. The effect that will occur will not be termination, but what they are saying there will be a phase of, which means that the new applicants will not be considered and the renewals will not happen. The general, nine other attorneys and one governor of red states are the ones that put their names on the letter.

In the cause of the week, there was a meeting in a closed-door room between the Hispanic Caucus and John Kelly secretary of Homeland security. He stated that the project was in jeopardy and it took care or protecting over 800,000 individuals. The reason for his communication was because of the legal cases that were challenging the program. For the advocates and dreamers, they started with the sound of the alarm, but the announcement that Kelly made was worrisome. For the DACA program, this is the fifth year that they have been implementing their services, and the benefits that they have brought in the U.S. are so clear. The beneficiaries of DACA 95% of them are in school or working or both. They make their contribution to the universities and colleges nationwide in millions of dollars. With that, they have improved how much they earn and pay the taxes. The economic gains that have been achieved by DACA are that the participants are interested in continuing their education, buying of cars and homes and starting if business.

There are so many studies that have been carried to show the success that the program has shown. For the dreamers they are scared, and those that are alarmed are the allies. Though there is no need to panic, the effort of eliminating DACA should be pushed with the needed force and start organizing just how the DACA program was started back in 2012. What Frontera fund will do with the help of Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin is they will give the needed information, assistance and guidance in the fight so that to be able to preserve DACA and fight to get the permanent solution for once.

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