Securus Technologies, Keeping Focus on What Matters Most

Securus Technologies, the company that’s known for connecting inmates with their loved ones, underwent some significant changes recently. The company, which is based in Texas, and has over 30 years’ experience, has acquired GovPayNet. This company is over 20 years old and is based in Indiana. The company processes payments for over 3,000 agencies and specializes in governmental agency payments. Securus is happy to have them on board, as they can assist in developing technology at a much faster rate. JPay, another recently acquired company is already working on new technology to improve the safety of correctional facilities and enhance the lives of inmates.


The primary technology being developed are wireless containment systems. WCS devices work to block cell phone communications made from contraband phones. The signal is blocked from connecting the phone to its network. The user hears or sees a message that the call has been disconnected. It’s estimated that over a billion calls have already been blocked, although official numbers haven’t been released. The technology is important because many crimes both inside and outside the facilities have been linked to contraband wireless devices.


Securus has also been making news in other areas as well. With new accreditation by the Better Business Bureau, the company has received an “A+” rating. The company has improved its customer service, reporting that nearly all concerns are handled in just one contact. With over 95 percent of customers reporting they’re happy with their experience; the company has improved its reputation significantly over the past few years. Despite all the new technology, the company remains true to its purpose. Enhancing communication for inmates through affordable calling solutions and alternatives remains the focus of Securus Technologies. Newly developed tablet computers have been made available for purchase, developed by JPay. With so many options available, and improved safety in facilities, it’s easy to see why Securus Technologies remains an industry leader.


Whitney Wolfe Herd And The Dating App World

Whitney Wolfe Herd has made a name for herself in the tech industry. She has shown that she understands what needs to be done to help her brand and she is willing to do everything necessary to get things going off the ground. With the success of Bumble and we know that she has great ideas in her and she has the ability to shift paradigms as she wills. Bumble is a strong statement for women and a successful endeavor wrapped in one. We are going to see more of her ideas come to life as Bumble takes off and becomes the dominant dating app.


Bumble has succeed because it gives women all of the power. Bumble’s CEO Takes Aim At LinkedIn. They are the ones to initiate contact and the ones to make the final say so on Bumble. That has made it clear that the gender dynamics of Bumble are something new and are going to make things very different from what we have. It’s a social change that is both welcomed and respected. People want this and she has the ability to give it to them. It’s no surprise that the app has already become the most popular among young people. They are open to this new way of thinking and what it can give them. The Founder Of Bumble On The Future Of Dating & Making It In Your 20s

The fact that college students have moved on from other apps and are trying to go for this is going to make this app one of the most groundbreaking in years. If People Don’t Believe In Your Startup Business, Keep Going
She’s found her market and she’s going to do what she can to hold on to it. While others are looking at dating apps and trying to keep the same formula that they had years ago she wants to create something that will stand out in the market. This is exactly what she needs to have out there. Bumble’s Whitney Wolfe: ‘I’m worried we’re alienating the good guys’

Wolfe was already one of the most important and successful CEOs before Bumble managed to reach millions of people. Now that she has that success all she needs to do is find a way to turn it into something even more impressive. Bumble is going to be more than a dating app. It’s going to give people the ability to find ways to connect to each other in ways that haven’t been seen before. Many in the world of tech have already given up on the app world and finding new life in it. She has shown it’s still possible to change things. Bumble App Founder Whitney Wolfe’s Epic Wedding in Positano, Italy

Logan Stout: Former Baseball Pro And Business Genius

Logan Stout is a jack of all trades when it comes to business. His numerous successful forays have led to him generating billions of dollars worth of revenue over his relatively short career. The entrepreneur and business owner’s track record speaks for itself. When asked about his career he attributes his success to a core set of values and the people around him. He knows a leader is only as good as the people following him. Because of his natural talent for leading he has become one of the most sought after keynote speakers on the globe.

Logan is such an active entrepreneur it’s hard to keep track of his many business ventures. His most recent involves the health and wellness sector. In 2014 he launched IDLife, a health and wellness company that focuses on providing personalized nutrition. Logan founded the company in order to help people change the way they think about their health. It has already garnered a lot of attention in the personalized nutrition world with co-signs from celebs like former NFL quarterback Troy Aikman and trainer Jen Widerstrom. In less than five years it is on the forefront of personalized nutrition. In addition, it was named one of the 100 Solid Top MLM Companies in the world in 2016.

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A lesser known fact about Logan Stout is that he is a former professional baseball player. After he stopped playing professionally he decided to combine his passion for helping others and his love of baseball. Thus, the Dallas Patriots baseball organization came to be. Logan is the founder and CEO of the organization. Though it is a sports organization, Logan focuses most of his time mentoring and leading the youth that come through the program. Now one of the largest baseball organizations in the world many graduates earn scholarships and a real chance to play in the MLB in the future.

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