Dr. David Samadi Modified Advanced Robotic Technique

Have you ever heard of the celebrity doctor by the name of David Samadi? He is one of the most well known and successful doctors in the nation. Dr. David Samadi has everything it takes to be successful in the medical industry. Here we will dig a little deeper into the past life as well as the day to day mission that David Samadi works to accomplish.

David was born into a little community in Iran. Sadly the city was plagued with war. For his own safety he chose to flee from his home country. He found his way to Roslyn, New York. Samadi traveled without his parents at the young age of fifteen years old. He completed high school and college in New York. David attended Stony Brook University where he earned his degree in biochemistry.

Samdi knew from a young age that he wanted to help others. He went on to become a urologist. The reason he chose this specific field was due to the fact that robotic surgery techniques were becoming very popular in the industry of urology regarding prostate procedures. Samdi was intrigued by this advancement. Becoming a urologist meant that he would have the job of diagnosing and treating prostate cancer. Treating prostate cancer often requires surgery that removes the cancerous growths. The surgery often results in a long list of side effects. The reason that the side effects occur is because the prostate is surrounded by sensitive nerves. The nerves are often damaged during procedure. Samadi wanted to do something about this. He created a system which he calls the Samadi Modified Advanced Robotic Technique. His SMART technique uses the assistance of robots and is much more precise. Using this system has helped Samadi avoid the side effects that usually occur. It has resulted in 90% of his patients being officially cancer free today. The amazing contributions by David Samadi have earned him the position as the Chief of Robotic Surgery at Lenox Hill Hospital. Samadi isn’t in it for all the money or fame. Dr. David Samadi genuinely loves helping others. He works tirelessly each day to ensure that he can benefit as many people as possible. He gets to work around 6 o’clock each morning. He has a determined and caring spirit. Samadi copes with the stress of his job by using a series of deep breathing techniques. He is amazingly prolific.

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