CEO Rick Smith takes Securus Techologies to the top of the prison communications space

For much of the history of the modern U.S. prison system, one company stood at the top of the rankings of contractors providing communication services to the nation’s prisons. Until about 10 years ago, Global Tel Link was the main provider of inmate communication services across the country. With its systems installed in thousands of carceral institutions, Global Tel Link was the undisputed champion of the prisons communication industry. Read more about Rick Smith Securus on

But then, starting in the year 2008, a new player emerged on the scene. Securus Technologies has become one of the most important players in the prison communication space, over the last decade, through its innovations and large expenditures on research and development of its own proprietary technologies. With one of the most sophisticated calling platforms ever devised for any industry, Securus has been able to radically transform the way in which communication takes place between prisoners and their family members. In doing so, Securus has revolutionized the entire prison calling industry, lowering rates, increasing the quality of calls and allowing for administrators and guards to have a suite of tools at their disposal that it’s more powerful than anything that has ever been seen in the past.

And all of these innovations were the work of one man, CEO Rick Smith Securus. First coming on board with the company in 2008, Rick Smith immediately moved to make profound changes in the strategy and overall objectives of the corporation he was tasked with leading. Rick Smith recognized that one of the key components to the firm’s success would be the development of innovative new technologies. Under his leadership, the company began create in one of the most advanced and sophisticated video visitation platforms ever devised.

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Today, Securus video visitation is the most popular platform of its kind anywhere in the country. Millions of prisoners each year rely on the system to maintain face-to-face contact with loved ones. Due to the ability of Securus to deploy its own VoIP-based communications technology, a proprietary system that was developed on the initiative of Rick Smith himself, prisoners today are able to stay in nearly constant face-to-face contact with their loved ones for an average cost of just $0.15 per minute. Considering that many jurisdictions often charged prisoners up to $1.50 per minute for making outgoing phone calls on older analog systems, this reduction in price is phenomenal. Read more at about Rick Smith Securus.

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