Louis Chenevert, a Masterful Leader

The celebration was winding down. Louis Chenevert stood there shaking the hands of those who had attended. It was a momentous event. United Technologies Corporation had just celebrated reaching the $60 billion net worth mark in business. Chenevert was proclaimed a legend because of all his hard work. However, that got him thinking about some things. When the last attendee left, Chenevert went to his office.

Standing in his office, Chenevert began to think about all that occurred in his 12 short years at United Technologies Corporation. That time now seems like a blur. Taking the time necessary, he sat down in his favorite chair and began to think about what made his time here so successful.

It started right after college. After graduating with his degree in Production Management, he took a job with General Motors in the Pontiac Division. He chose this place specifically because it was a great place to cut his teeth and train to be a future Chief Executive Officer.

Chenevert recalled being offered a job at Pratt & Whitney as the COO. In that role, he would be trained to one day become the president of Pratt & Whitney. After six years of waiting and training, he was appointed by the board to that position.

After he had been at Pratt & Whitney for several years, United Technologies Corporation approached him with an offer to be CEO. This was his dream. Arriving here, at this spot, he remembered exactly what he did that guaranteed success.

The aerospace manufacturing market was in haywire when Chenevert took over 2006. Many companies were considering getting out altogether. He knew that the only way to survive would be to diversify. After discussing with the board, he presented an idea to them. If they could purchase Pratt & Whitney and gain their government contracts, spread into the transport sector by acquiring Otis, and then, if they could pull it off, they could dominate the United States by acquiring Goodrich.

Following his time at UTC, Chenevert joined Goldman Sachs as an exclusive advisor. He is currently retired, and spends his time on pursuing his passions–particularly yacht building and designing–and spending time with this family.

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