Waiakea Water: Changing the Industry

Perhaps now more than ever, we as a nation are aware of the detrimental effects of pollution to planet Earth. Yet there is no stopping our everyday use of items that contribute significantly to the problem. Disposable water bottles cause serious havoc, and can take the lives of approximately one million sea mammals and sea birds every year. In fact, plastic bottles are one of the most widespread sources of pollution found in oceans.

So why do we keep using them if we are aware of the outcome? The answer is simple: humans are drawn to convenience. Disposable water bottles are convenient to carry around or slip in your bag as you go about your day. Given we will not be giving up convenience any time soon, there is a way to support a certain disposable water bottle that will serve for a better outcome.

Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic bottled water is trying to change the nature of bottled water companies. The bottles are 100% recycled, and the water is sustainably sourced from a natural volcanic water source in Hawaii. What’s more, the sales of Waiakea water directly support a nonprofit called Pump Aid.

Pump Aid builds special water pumps around the world targeting remote villages that have no direct access to clean drinkable water. Given that the water pumps or otherwise referred to as “elephant pumps” inspired after an ancient Chinese design that Pump Aid installs are simple enough to use, they also come with the convenience of being able to be kept up and maintained locally by the villagers.

Although Pump Aid helps a number of villages globally, their main focus in partnership with Waiakea is a tiny country called Malawi in southeast Africa. Malawi is one of the most underdeveloped countries in the entire world having 85 percent of its population living in isolated rural areas. These areas usually lack access to clean, safe, and drinkable water. In comparison to the water usage of the average American, the average Malawian uses less than 1/4 of that water a day as it is all they have access to. As one can imagine the lack of access to clean water brings about disease and sickness. Purchasing Waiakea water can drastically help the villages in need. Purchasing one liter of Wiakea water provides enough clean water for a full week to a village in need.

You wouldn’t just be helping others, you’d also be helping yourself. Waiakea water comes from Mauna Loa in Hawaii and travels through volcanic rock which means its packed with minerals, as well as silica. Waiakea water is the bottled water that isn’t hurting the planet, but helping.

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