Livio Bisterzo: Providing Healthy Solutions Through Nutritional Food Brands

Livio Bisterzo is an Italian-born businessman currently living in Los Angeles. Mr. Bisterzo attended University of the Arts London where he graduated with Honors in Business and Management in Fashion. He is more passionate about food, healthy lifestyles, design, relationships, brands, leadership and team-building activities. Coming from an entrepreneurial family, Mr. Livio started his career in 2003 while at college. He started his entrepreneurial ventures in marketing and organizing events.

After completing college, Livio Bisterzo went out creating many great brands. Some of the various brands under his tag include; Maddox Club, Little Miracles, and Kyoku for Men. Since 2006, Bisterzo’s many brands have been featured in many European media outlets such as Vanity Fair, Esquire, GQ, and The Times among many others. In 2009, Livio Bisterzo was nominated to London’s top 1000 most influential personalities by the Evening Standard.

In 2009 in partnership with RNA Corporation, Mr. Livio Bisterzo developed a high-end skincare line for men, Kyoku for Men products which are sold in more than 26 countries. However, he exited the company in 2010. In 2011 Mr. Livio acquired Little Miracles, a start-up beverage company. With his creativity and entrepreneurial skills, he managed to grow the company, and it was named the 2013 FMG SME fastest growing brand in Europe. The brand has also received many international awards and has a presence in more than 18 countries.

With his long experience in the natural food space and his passion for healthy lifestyle, Mr. Livio founded the Green Park Brands in 2015. Green Park Brands is a new food and drink firm with the goal of manufacturing healthy food products with positive impact in the society. In 2016, the company unveiled its HIPPEAS brand focusing on chickpeas snacks.

According to Livio Bisterzo, chickpeas are the hottest trends in the market. The product is quickly taking root in the American market. One of the major reasons for Green Park Brand’s focus is the fact that chickpeas produce nitrogen which is given back to earth. This is in tandem with Bisterzo’s big plan of giving back to society. A portion of the HIPPEAS’ profits is sent back to the chickpeas farmers in North Africa to help them find their way out of poverty.

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