Betsy DeVos Positive News Article

A look at Betsy DeVos’s Contribution in Education and Politics


Betsy DeVos is a leader, a visionary, a humanitarian, an activist and the 11th and present United States Secretary of Education. She is married to Dick DeVos, and together they have four children and five grandchildren. She was born and raised in Holland, Michigan, on January 8th, 1958, to Elsa and Edgar Prince. Her father, Edgar, was the founder of Prince Corporation, which is a company that distributes automobile parts and is based in Holland, Michigan. DeVos went to Holland Christian High School, which is located in Holland, Michigan and in 1979 graduated from Calvin College, Grand Rapids, Michigan with a B.A. in business economics.


DeVos has been engaged in politics since she was on campus. She has been involved with education issues for 28 years and has been on the forefront to fight for quality education for everyone. She has also been involved with initiating fights to get rid of barriers, endorse change and to create environments where people are given the chance to achieve success. DeVos has achieved this by founding new and groundbreaking companies that are helping the community better itself.


Betsy and her husband Dick DeVos started the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation in 1989. It is a philanthropic foundation that they have used to donate millions of dollars to charity. In 2015, the foundation donated more than ten million dollars to different organizations and guaranteed a further 3.2 million dollars that would be paid out in endowments in the future. Some of the foundation’s notable contributions include the 400,000 dollar endorsement for Loudspeaker Media Inc, an education site set up by former CNN anchor Campbell Brown, and an additional 400,000 dollars for the former anchor’s non-profit organization, The Partnership for Educational Justice. The Success Academy Charter Schools received a donation of 150,000 dollars in 2015 from the foundation. Another donation of the equal amount was pledged for future reimbursement.


The foundation set up by Betsy and her husband has also donated huge sums of money to healthcare facilities and research institutes, art societies, Christian schools and evangelic missions. The foundation donated an impressive 100 million dollars between the years 1999 and 2014 and half of the money in donations was given to Christian establishments. Betsy’s foundation has also been involved in donating money to support education. In the years between 1999 and 2014, the foundation donated a total of 8.6 million dollars to private Christian Schools, 5.2 million dollars to approval schools and 59,750 dollars to public schools.


DeVos also has a long history of political donations and has been a member of the Michigan Republican Party since 1982. She has been active in the party majorly as a donor to the party’s candidates and has donated more than 17 million dollars to the Republican Party as of 1989. She has also been elected to several posts in the party. She worked as a local precinct representative for the party and in the years between 1992 and 1997, she was a Republican National Committeewoman representing Michigan. She also functioned as chairwoman of the party in the years between 1996 and 2000.


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Louis R. Chênevert’s Journey

Louis R. Chênevert served as the CEO and the Chairman of United Technologies Corporation. He was appointed to be the CEO in 2008 and from his record of work he was elected as the president in 2010. Since he joined the company, it has grown to be among the largest leading technology businesses in the world. He used to be the director and chief operating officer at United Technologies Company.

Over the course of his career, he worked at Pratt & Whitney Company as the president. The role that he used to work for seven years. It made him to earn a lot of reputation since she improved the state of the company during his tenure. Before working for Pratt & Whitney, he worked in a General Motors where he served as the Production General Manager.

Louis R. Chênevert serves at the Business Roundtable as a member of the executive committee. He chairs the Business Council together with Tax and Fiscal Policy Committee. Louis is also a member of the US-India CEO Forum. He is in Board of Directors at the Congressional Medal of Honor Foundation, Cargill. Besides he is a chairman of the Yale Cancer Center`s Advisory Board. Louis was inducted as a member of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA).

Louis R. Chênevert has an excellent educational history. He received the degree in Production Management from the University of Montreal (HEC). Chênevert chairs HEC Montreal’s International Advisory Board and also serves at the Friends of HEC Montreal as the chairman along his role as the CEO and President of United Technologies Corporation.

Chênevert has won various awards including Honor Award which he received from the National Building Museum in 2009. Louis received an honorary doctorate in 2011 from HEC Montreal. Chênevert was named by the United States Aviation as the person of the year in their Aviation Week & Space Technology trade magazine 2011.

In 2015 Chênevert became an Exclusive Advisor at the Merchant Banking, Goldman Sachs. From which he is targeting any opportunities in the field of aerospace and industrial sectors. He was born in Quebec, Canada and resides in Hartford.

Waiakea Water: Changing the Industry

Perhaps now more than ever, we as a nation are aware of the detrimental effects of pollution to planet Earth. Yet there is no stopping our everyday use of items that contribute significantly to the problem. Disposable water bottles cause serious havoc, and can take the lives of approximately one million sea mammals and sea birds every year. In fact, plastic bottles are one of the most widespread sources of pollution found in oceans.

So why do we keep using them if we are aware of the outcome? The answer is simple: humans are drawn to convenience. Disposable water bottles are convenient to carry around or slip in your bag as you go about your day. Given we will not be giving up convenience any time soon, there is a way to support a certain disposable water bottle that will serve for a better outcome.

Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic bottled water is trying to change the nature of bottled water companies. The bottles are 100% recycled, and the water is sustainably sourced from a natural volcanic water source in Hawaii. What’s more, the sales of Waiakea water directly support a nonprofit called Pump Aid.

Pump Aid builds special water pumps around the world targeting remote villages that have no direct access to clean drinkable water. Given that the water pumps or otherwise referred to as “elephant pumps” inspired after an ancient Chinese design that Pump Aid installs are simple enough to use, they also come with the convenience of being able to be kept up and maintained locally by the villagers.

Although Pump Aid helps a number of villages globally, their main focus in partnership with Waiakea is a tiny country called Malawi in southeast Africa. Malawi is one of the most underdeveloped countries in the entire world having 85 percent of its population living in isolated rural areas. These areas usually lack access to clean, safe, and drinkable water. In comparison to the water usage of the average American, the average Malawian uses less than 1/4 of that water a day as it is all they have access to. As one can imagine the lack of access to clean water brings about disease and sickness. Purchasing Waiakea water can drastically help the villages in need. Purchasing one liter of Wiakea water provides enough clean water for a full week to a village in need.

You wouldn’t just be helping others, you’d also be helping yourself. Waiakea water comes from Mauna Loa in Hawaii and travels through volcanic rock which means its packed with minerals, as well as silica. Waiakea water is the bottled water that isn’t hurting the planet, but helping.

Daniel Mark Harrison: A Great Entrepreneur

Bitcoin is attracting greater attention as more and more interest is being generated. Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency and a payment system. We cannot talk about cryptocurrency without touching ICO; this is a way of funding the release of cryptocurrency. In most cases, the cryptocurrency is used to do some development before being sold. This type is unique in such a way that, the ownership is not given to the company making the cryptocurrency. This system is different from the old IPO where the government had full involvement in all operations.

ICO has total freedom. That is why it is becoming popular. ICO liberty has given it the power to sell options to Monkey Capital. Some of us will ask, what is Monkey Capital? Monkey Capital brings together more professionals from multiple industries. It is transparent auditing schedule. That means that each person is accountable for an independent third party process of auditing. The team has many bodies which include; one executive management committee, a consulting committee, an audit manager who is independent, and three more panels.

Why does ICO give Monkey Capital sell options?

Monkey Capital is a well-decentralized funding which invests in SpaceX supply with many contracts, Blockchain systems, and many public company takeovers. These are speculating on large blocks of Crypto made in history. The meeting gave the Monkey Capital CEO the best chance to speak to investors about premium valuation.

Due to the success of Monkey Capital, we cannot forget its founder and managing partner. This is the one and the only Daniel Mark Harrison. Apart from being the core member of Monkey Capital, he is also the CEO of a global company DMH&CO. This company is known by many in Hong Kong, Singapore, and Bangkok.

In addition to that, he is a versatile writer. Due to his deep knowledge, his books are the best, and he is rated a best seller on Amazon. That means that Daniel Mark Harrison is an entrepreneur too.

Restoring Hope for Sleep Disorder Patients with Avi Weisfogel

The young generation knows too well that staying up late is fun, but the old generation has been advising the young people to sleep for more hours. However, the advice does not only come from their parents and guardians, but also from medical experts . Getting enough sleep does not only improve one’s physical appearance, but also has a great impact on individual health. Experts say that most adults should get at list 7 to 9 hours of sleep to stay healthy. Young people can easily ignore the advice from their family members, as well as medical experts, but not getting sufficient sleep has some consequences. What’s more, lack of sleep doesn’t just affect younger people, but working adults as well.

Symptoms of inadequate Sleep
• Dull Complexion: the skin receives the flow of blood during sleep, and if the skin does not receive adequate blood it appears to be dark.
• Hair loss: medical experts say that the flow of blood decreases with the decrease of the flow of blood causing the hair follicles week yet getting less nutrients which led to its loss.
• Wrinkles: collagen is the protein that helps the skin be more elastic, and with less sleep the protein cannot be produced.
• Puffy Eyes: eyes can reveal a lack of sleep and it begins with the puffiness around the soft tissues.

Dr. Avi Weisfogel is known and can well be described as a sleep disorder specialist, though his roots are in dentistry. Dr. Weisfogel is a dental expert by profession and he has practiced for more 15 years. Weisfogel established his dental practice in 1999, known as Old Bridge Dental Care. Weisfogel had a passion to know about sleeping disorder and he even went ahead to study and explore about it. The dental doctor also wanted to assist other physicians as well as dentist to give therapy to their patients who suffered from sleep disorder.

Dr. Avi Weisfogel created Healthy Heart Sleep an organization, which works with other medical experts across the world to help patients with sleep disorders by treating them and managing the condition as well. Dr. Weisfogel is a graduate from Rutgers University where he earned his BA in Psychology and Biology as well as a DDS from New York University College of Dentistry.

Dick Devos Reveals the Staggering Amounts of Money He Donated to Charity

Dick and Betsy Devos are making an amazing revelation about their philanthropic activities. They have actually donated over one hundred and thirty nine million dollars to charity. They are known to have made many political donations. However, what nobody is talking about is their donations to charity, which is far more than their political donations.


In the year 2015, Betsy and Dick Devos donated more than eleven and a half million dollars to charity. This is more than double than the political donations that she made in the previous half decade! That only amounted to less than six million dollars.


Dick Devos is the son of Rich Devos. Rich Devos is the founder of Amway. Rich, Dick and Dick’s three siblings have altogether donated more than one hundred and four million dollars to charity in 2015. The family was therefore put on the list of Top Givers by Forbes magazine. Altogether, according to an estimation by Forbes magazine, the Devos family donated more than one billion and three hundred and thirty three million dollars over their lifetime. This is around a fourth of their entire net worth. Betsy Devos also comes from a family that is known to be very philanthropic.


So what are Betsy and Dick Devos donating to? A large bulk of their charitable donations are going to educational means. In 2015, over three million dollars were donated by Betsy and Dick to educational institutions. This is more than a quarter of all of their charitable donations in that year. Another few hundred thousand dollars went to education indirectly, by being donated to help promote education reform.


Why are they so concerned about education? The truth is that Betsy and Dick believe that the educational system in the United States today has serious problems. Children and parents are not being given the opportunity to get an education in the way and in the school that they like.


Dick and Betsy also care deeply about their local town and work hard to make sure that it is successful. For example, in 1991, there was a plan to build a sports center in Grand Rapids. Dick was still working at Amway, and he worked to get this plan canceled. He felt that the sports center would affect Grand Rapids in a bad way. He pointed to a similar situation that happened in Detroit. There, the Pontiac Silverdome was bad for the city when the Lions and Pistons left.


As you probably know, Betsy Devos is now the Secretary of Education for the United States. After reading this article, it is not hard at all to figure out why she was nominated by President Donald Trump. It’s because she cares so much about education and donated so much so that kids can have a great education.



Livio Bisterzo: Providing Healthy Solutions Through Nutritional Food Brands

Livio Bisterzo is an Italian-born businessman currently living in Los Angeles. Mr. Bisterzo attended University of the Arts London where he graduated with Honors in Business and Management in Fashion. He is more passionate about food, healthy lifestyles, design, relationships, brands, leadership and team-building activities. Coming from an entrepreneurial family, Mr. Livio started his career in 2003 while at college. He started his entrepreneurial ventures in marketing and organizing events.

After completing college, Livio Bisterzo went out creating many great brands. Some of the various brands under his tag include; Maddox Club, Little Miracles, and Kyoku for Men. Since 2006, Bisterzo’s many brands have been featured in many European media outlets such as Vanity Fair, Esquire, GQ, and The Times among many others. In 2009, Livio Bisterzo was nominated to London’s top 1000 most influential personalities by the Evening Standard.

In 2009 in partnership with RNA Corporation, Mr. Livio Bisterzo developed a high-end skincare line for men, Kyoku for Men products which are sold in more than 26 countries. However, he exited the company in 2010. In 2011 Mr. Livio acquired Little Miracles, a start-up beverage company. With his creativity and entrepreneurial skills, he managed to grow the company, and it was named the 2013 FMG SME fastest growing brand in Europe. The brand has also received many international awards and has a presence in more than 18 countries.

With his long experience in the natural food space and his passion for healthy lifestyle, Mr. Livio founded the Green Park Brands in 2015. Green Park Brands is a new food and drink firm with the goal of manufacturing healthy food products with positive impact in the society. In 2016, the company unveiled its HIPPEAS brand focusing on chickpeas snacks.

According to Livio Bisterzo, chickpeas are the hottest trends in the market. The product is quickly taking root in the American market. One of the major reasons for Green Park Brand’s focus is the fact that chickpeas produce nitrogen which is given back to earth. This is in tandem with Bisterzo’s big plan of giving back to society. A portion of the HIPPEAS’ profits is sent back to the chickpeas farmers in North Africa to help them find their way out of poverty.

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