A Look At How Helane Morrison Rose To The Top Of The Financial World

Helane Morrison has spent her career in journalism and the financial world as both an investor and as an enforcer. She is a graduate of Northwestern University where she earned her Bachelor of Science degree in journalism. She then attended the University of California, Berkeley, School Of law where she graduated with her J.D.

While attending law school, Helane joined the California Law Review where she worked as the editor-in-chief. After passing the state bar she worked for a judge in the Seventh District US Court of Appeals as well as working as a law clerk at the Supreme Court for Justice Harry Blackmun. After leaving the Supreme Court, she became an attorney at the prestigious law firm Howard, Rice, Nemerovski, Canaday, Falk & Rabkin. While working at this law firm for ten years she specialized in business litigations and private securities actions as well as matters involving the Securities and Exchange Commission.

In 1999, Helane Morrison was appointed as the head of the SEC’s San Francisco office. Her jurisdiction encompassed 5 states plus Northern California. While serving at the SEC until 2007, she was involved in a large number of significant cases where advisors defrauded retirees or veterans, lied to investors, and all types of financial malfeasance that the SEC investigates. She uncovered large amounts of corruption during her time at the SEC and, as a top official, Helane Morrison had worked to develop a financial system that was more fair and ethical for regular people.

In 2007 she decided to leave the SEC and she joined Hall Capital Partners, LLC, one of the most successful investing companies in the state of California. One of the things that interested her the most about Hall Capital Partners is that is completely managed by women. There are far more men than women leading financial firms, something that she noted during her time at the SEC. She decided to do her part to make a difference in the status quo by joining Hall Capital Partners herself, bringing her vast experience and knowledge of the financial industry with her. She serves as the company’s General Counsel, Chief Compliance Officer, and Managing Director.

Hall Capital Partners manages over $24 billion in assets under management. Their clients include some of the biggest names in the technology and pharmaceutical industries. Helane Morrison has been as successful at Hall Capital Partners as she was at leading the team at the SEC.


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