Attorney Todd Levine

Todd Levine is a lawyer and founding partner at Kluger, Kaplan, Silverman, Katzen, and Levine, P.L. He is a graduate of the University of Florida with a law degree and a bachelors in finance. The attorney specializes in business disputes and works on real estate matters, along with other businesses. He has ventured outside of that to represent sports and entertainment industries too. Todd Levine uses his knowledge and skills to any case and does his own research.


Aside from being an attorney, he is also a musician and an artist, which shows his creative side and some of his other hobbies. Todd Levine especially likes to play the guitar and keyboard when he is not working as a lawyer. He believes engaging in the arts has only improved his skills as an attorney and helped him shine. He can be reached via the law firm website, his LinkedIn page, or on Twitter, where he shares many intriguing articles.


Levine has won many awards for various publications that include the U.S. News and World Report, South Florida’s Top Rated Lawyers, Super Lawyers Business Edition, among many more. The lawyer likes working in a team too though and representing his clients to the best of his ability. He is a member of many different committees and was noted as one of the Best Lawyers in America in the year 2018 and as South Florida’s Top Rated Lawyers for Commerical Litigation in the year 2012, according to his LinkedIn profile. Todd Levine has a lot of experience as a lawyer and is able to handle any situation under pressure.


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Randal Nardone’s Experience and Accomplishment in Financial Sector

In 1998, Randal Nardone and his colleagues Wes Edens and Rob Kauffman resolved to work jointly and established Fortress Investment Group which is an asset managing firm with its headquarters situated in New York City. Over the years, it has experienced exponential growth regarding its assets to the extent of being listed in the New York City Stock Exchange as well as being grouped with the elite firms globally. It has also been recognized internationally due to its good name and excellent reputation in the financial sector. Therefore, it was awarded twice in 2014 due to its spectacular performance.

It is clear that Randal Nardone has a steady educational background having schooled in Boston University for his undergraduate studies in both Biology and English. Also, he had been in the University of Connecticut where he got the opportunity to pursue his post-graduate studies in Juris Doctor Degree. Therefore, this reveals that Randal is an educated and informed gentleman. After his academics, he ventured into several financial institutions where he in various top positions such as; at BlackRock Financial Holdings, he worked as its principal. Also, he had served in Newcastle Investment Holdings where he held the position of the Vice-President. Randal by working in these institutions, he had a golden chance to learn more regarding financial issues thus put him in another platform of being among the most highly experienced in the financial industry.

Currently, Randal Nardone holds the Chief Executive Officer position in Fortress Investment Group, and besides this role, he is entrusted with managing the legal and financial issues affecting the firm. Also, he is the co-founder of Fortress and has been a member of its managing committee for more than a decade. Randal Nardone’s resilience and urge to know more in the financial industry has motivated him to work harder to the point that his rate of acquiring wealth has seen him grouped with the few billionaires globally.


Besides his daily official work at Fortress Investment Group, Randal Nardone is also a partner and a board member of many organizations in which he makes critical decisions regarding their operations. Also, as a billionaire, Randal figured out a way to give back to the society through philanthropy. He has been funding education programs for the children from low-income families to ensure that they grow to become the pillars of their families. Other activities in which Randal participates include but not limited to environmental conservation.


Chris Burch Offers Insight Into His Entrepreneurial Career

Chris Burch is a well-known entrepreneur in the United States that has made himself a fortune over the years for his innovations and creative business ideas. Today, Chris Burch has a net worth of more than a billion dollars and has been dominating the investment industry for well over forty years. He is also the founder and Chief Executive Officer for Creative Capital. Over the years, Chris Burch has tried to extend his hand into many different business enterprises to continue expanding on his portfolio, including Nihiwatu Luxury Resort, the Universe Hotel, and many others. His successful career has been featured across many media outlets, including television. In the past, Christ has even worked with well-known celebrities, such as Ellen DeGeneres.

Chris Burch has always had a strong curiosity and has wanted to try out new business ideas on a regular basis, get info on ( During an interview, Chris gave his insight on the business world and what it means to be successful in the competitive industry today. Chris also discussed why he decided to start up Creative Capital, which was to offer other companies out there strategic ways of expanding and building more profits. With so many ventures going on at once, Chris Burch spends a lot of time traveling around for his work as well as his leisure.

During his time as a kid, Chris was able to build a strong work ethic under his father while working at a construction zone, find out more info on This job gave Chris some insight into the working world and what he could achieve if he truly worked hard. Throughout his career, Chris has enjoyed the experiences that gave him new perspectives and challenged his motivations to succeed. These are always the best events to create new ideas and push an individual’s career forwards as an entrepreneur.

Part of Chris Burch’s plan was always to help out and give back to the community through his extreme wealth, which he has done many times over the years through charitable donations and philanthropic projects, including Rothman Institute Orthopaedic Foundation, Mt. Sinai Hospital, and more.

Freedom Checks Are A Unique And Dependable Investment

When investing it is best to find an opportunity that will offer a dependable source of returns, and one that hasn’t been over invested in. This will allow you to avoid having your investment opportunity go away, and it will limit the effects of market instability. One way to do this is with the use of Freedom Checks. Read this article at Affiliate Dork.

Freedom Checks are an underused investment where average people can invest in certain energy companies. Freedom Checks are given out by companies that receive a Statute 26-F designation. Currently, there are five hundred and fifty companies that have this designation. These companies are involved in such things as refining, new well drilling, and transporting oil. They are required to distribute ninety percent of their profits to their investors without them having to pay most takes. This means that these companies are able to expand the oil industry while enriching investors. Freedom Checks are distributed on a monthly basis to investors. Investors in 26-F companies can receive double or triple of the returns distributed by traditional energy companies.

These investments do not require investors to pay income taxes off of their monthly returns. Instead, they only have to pay capital gain taxes if they choose to sell their investments. Capital gains taxes are far less than income taxes, and most investors choose to keep their investments on a longterm basis. This means that Freedom Checks are a very easy way to avoid taxes.

The process of investing in these investments is a little bit more difficult than purchasing traditional securities. This is because they are not offered by most traditional brokerages. Investors will need to contact the company directly in order to make an investment. It is also possible to contact investors who are trying to sell their investments. There are some specialty brokerages that do offer investments from 26-F companies.

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Alex Hern: Accomplished Entrepreneur and Dedicated Dad

Alex Hern has been an entrepreneur for a long time, more than a decade and a half. During his time he has seen a lot of success but is not afraid of failure. Alex Hern knows that success can always be lost, it’s not always a finality. The same goes for failure, it can almost always come back from. It’s important to be courageous enough to keep fighting through it.

Failure has affected Alex Hern due to the complexities of macroeconomics. Fortunately, he has learned that it is important to prepare himself and his business for the worst case scenario. Despite doing everything one can to prevent failure, it can still happen and it is important to accept that.

Currently, the co-founder and director of Tsunami is looking for new ways that technology can advance communication. Technology is advancing when it comes to the graphics that computers are capable of producing and processing. This is changing the way that businesses can communicate with each other. Alex Hern is always on the lookout for new ways to apply these advances in his business.

Alex Hern doesn’t believe in multi-tasking, at least when it comes to humans. It’s just not very productive and can lead to frustration and inability to focus. Instead, he will devote hours each day to one particular issue that needs to be addressed and put aside the others until it is complete.

Alex Hern is busy with duties at Tsunami, but that doesn’t mean that he doesn’t take time for his family. Recently, Alex Hern gave his daughter $100 so she could start her very own business. She is now the proud CEO of her own company, a dog walking business. For Alex Hern, it was the best $100 he’s spent to watch his daughter share the entrepreneurial spirit.

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Betsy Devos and Educational Choice Movement

If you have seen the news in Washington, then you know that there have been a lot of meetings between school safety officials and Betsy Devos lately. The US Education Secretary has her work cut out for her as she takes on the responsibility of building up America’s on-campus security. She stated in a recent interview with Leslie Stahl from “60 Minutes,” that she wanted to create a safe environment for students that didn’t require more guns. In fact, she wasn’t a fan of teachers with guns at all.


Betsy Devos has been working with schools across the state, preparing them for educational choice. While many have opposed her beliefs on educational choice, she has still been able to implement more programs in certain areas. In fact, she says that her most successful would have to be Florida.


Educational choice provides different options for students who don’t want to go to the school where they are zoned. There are all kinds of reasons for this, but many times kids just don’t like the school and aren’t able to learn in the environment provided to them. They may want to go to a magnet program, which would allow them to attend another public school in the area.


That’s what people tend to skip over. Educational choice is about students being able to pick where they want to go according to their needs and interests. Parents love this idea, but it hasn’t been such a great hit with teachers. The concern mainly is that public funding will be used to pay for educational reform through private schools. However, Devos says that this just means the person doesn’t understand the program.


It’s clear that children are doing better with educational choice. In fact, Florida has been shown to be the most effective because it has the most programs. In this state, students can attend a magnet program, virtual school, homeschooling program, private school, or charter school. Florida also provides tuition-based scholarship programs.


Devos comes from a background in educational reform. Her mother was a public school teacher who often told her about the children that she taught and the pitfalls of the American public schools system. Now Devos works to make it better for kids everywhere.


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Jason Hope says your oven will connect to Wifi

Jason Hope is an entrepreneur based in Arizona and is known for being a futurist. Hope was raised in Tempe and earned a degree in finance from Arizona State University. He completed his MBA from ASU’s W.P. Carey School of Business. Hope has an obsession to help everyone understand that the internet of things concept isn’t going away. In fact, Jason Hope believes that we are at the tip of the iceberg. Societies connected devices are growing in number and reliance on these past decades. For more info connect with Jason on linkedin

Jason has been driving home this concept that everyday people will be connecting all their appliances to the internet. Your Fridge, washer, dryer, and even your oven will be connected to the internet. Jason hop consults with companies on how to increase their reach into homes. Integrating businesses and products into the internet of things connected devices.

Hope explains that the smart technology is considered a peripheral convenience today. These devices are seen as cool gadgets our in-laws by us when they have no idea what to gift. But, Jason believes that this is the only way that society will move forward. Don’t expect your customers to type Google searches anymore. They will be asking Alexa, Siri, or the next audio recognition device to shop and make purchases. There is a fast technological curve that companies need to jump on now. Local oven cleaners or household cleaning products can capitalize on this technology today. Have your customers order your product or service when in need. Or have a subscription service set up to serve customers.

Jason Hope explains the wide uses of the internet of things at length on Jason doesn’t talk about the future like many other consultants like to do in his industry. Jason Hope is investing the future of connected devices and anti-aging companies. Jason has been tweeting about different foods like pomegranate containing anti-aging properties. Hope is helping agencies advance their research development milestones. In conclusion, ovens have a connection to your Wifi, and many will use those ovens past 90 years of age. You can find Jason Hope on Twitter @JasonHope to continue the conversation. Read more:


Jason Hope Supports SENS Foundation

Jason Hope Supports SENS Foundation

Simply put, the Internet of Things refers to a concept that links any device to the internet. The same connection should extend to a different device so that the world has a giant connection of networks involving people. These connections should also collect data and share it with the people accordingly. Visit Sens Research Foundation to learn more.


The Internet of Things includes a series of objects that have all shapes as well as sizes. These could be microwaves, self-driving cars, in addition to complex sensors that detect various objects on the paths. They could also be wearable fitness devices that play a pivotal role in measuring your heart rate.

Hope’s Roles and Responsibilities

Speaking of the Internet of Things, Jason Hope has been encouraging people to invest in it. Hope is a prominent entrepreneur and philanthropist. He is also an investor and a futurist with extensive passion for technology. Over the years, he started researching about the Internet of Things. He also wrote a lot of articles on this subject. As a man who grew in Arizona, he has been supporting the impact of technology in the community.


Hope attended the Arizona State University for a course in finance. He later joined Carey School of Business for an MBA. Today, Jason Hope is known for his philanthropic activities and special interests in business. To show his support for various community projects, he joined SENS Foundation, an anti-aging campaigning company that is helping masses to lead healthier lives free from age-related diseases.


Hope is working with SENS Foundation to develop an anti-aging system. In this partnership, Audrey de Grey is the head cheerleader. He co-founded the organization about eight years ago. Prior to that, he was working on coming up with different anti-aging solutions. At first, he drew inspiration from a book that highlighted things that affect the body in relation to the DNA of the mitochondria. According to Audrey, the damage of this body element is the root of every aging issue. As such, Jason Hope has decided to give $500,000 towards coming up with a viable medical docket that would help people fight age-related infections.

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Paul Mampilly: Love for technology stocks

Paul Mampilly is an accomplished investor and a former hedge fund manager. He is known as an investment guru because of the success he has had as an investor. His career started from the bottom where he was working as an assistant portfolio manager to the point where he became a hedge fund manager. He has managed accounts worth billions successfully and his reputation as the best investor in the Wall during his time is intact.

Paul Mampilly no longer works in the Wall Street. He left citing the need to look after his family and helping the average investor to make some money. His interest is in the people he calls Main Street Americans. These people need support than the few in the Wall Street who have millions of dollars to invest.

Mampilly thought it was not right for him to be supporting a small section of Americans to benefit while many others were struggling to make ends meet. Currently, he is in private practice where he is helping ordinary American make money by following the stock investment recommendations that he makes.

Mampilly loves investing in technology stocks. He describes the technology sector as one of the key sectors which offer lucrative investment opportunities. As new technologies come up, they tend to change the consumption of the people. People adopt the better technology and discard the older one.

When Paul Mampilly is recommending stocks to his followers, he urges them to look at the technological trend that is going to be huge in the future. He even gives an example of the mobile phone technology as one of the opportunities that rewarded handsomely.

In the future, Mampilly is looking at the possibility of an electric car taking over gasoline cars. He is predicting that this industry is going to be a lucrative investment opportunity in the future. Gasoline cars will be faced out and replaced with electric cars which have more advantages.

Paul Mampilly is the author of Profits Unlimited newsletter, a channel through which he is reaching out to his followers. He is actively educating his followers so that they can learn to trade by themselves

Rocketship Education-New Hope for the Less Privileged

Education is very important for everyone, as it empowers and gives freedom among its other benefits. Every child has a right to education, but not everyone can access the right form of education especially those that come from less privileged backgrounds. Rocketship education has offered an excellent opportunity for the low-income learners to access not just education but the best education in quality and class.

Rocketship Education is a non-profit system of public charter schools whose main service is to the disadvantaged communities across the country. Good education is meant to benefit every person in every county, but the low-income communities have limited access to outstanding schools and the affordable education is now at their rescue. This network eliminates the achievement gap by building an accessible and sustainable type of school that will boost the student’s achievement in less-privileged communities across the country.

Rocketship Education was founded in 2006 and it launched its first schoool in San Jose, California. After the first assessment, the students scored as good as other excellent schools in the area, which earned the network great reputation as an excellent alternative for low-income learners.

The network’s main principal is to provide an instructional model that is supported by technology, one that is teacher-led and one that focuses on individual needs of each student. Rocketship also advocates for the inclusion of parents in the learning of their children. This way, parents become the main advocates for their children and the community at large. The network also works closely with the community organizations, districts and other charter schools to eliminate any barrier students might have to access better and quality education.

In its efforts to bring technology to the classroom to allow students enjoy all its benefits, Rocketship Education has incorporated Chromebooks in its schools. The network in Bay Area was among the first three participating schools when Google launched the Chromebooks. These types of devices help boost the capabilities of learners anytime and anywhere. Chromebooks have given the underprivileged students a chance to broaden their learning scope, access unlimited information as well as enhance their critical thinking, communication, and collaboration.